Wayne Butson is the Dean of the College of English, Foundation and Pathways.

Wayne has worked with VU for 20 years and has held substantive roles as Head of School, Associate Director of Quality and Capability, Associate Dean of Learning, Teaching and Students and Dean of the Faculty of Workforce Development.

Currently as Dean, he sees his role in tandem between “housekeeping” operational matters such as staff productivity and cost effectiveness and developing and driving sustainable strategies to navigate the shifting trends in the VET environment.

A consummate leader and a passionate advocate to make a difference in the western region, Wayne embraces change and inspires change in his team, activating them to be part of something bigger.

Wayne’s expertise in change management has also seen him play a key role in transitioning VU’s delivery towards modern and contemporary approaches to skills development, informed by the needs of industry.

In 2011, Wayne was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Service to the University for his continued service to and in the field of Community Development.

With Wayne at the helm and a team of dedicated managers, the Centre is well-positioned to equip students for the commercial world with a wide range of vocational and academic courses.  In addition, the Centre is responsible for the delivery of English programs to newly arrived migrants and asylum seekers, creative arts program including visual arts and music and a suite of business and bespoke leadership programs including the internationally acclaimed Chair Academy (USA) program delivered under licence in Melbourne.

Areas of expertise

  • Adult education
  • Analysis & implementation of vocational training policies & procedures
  • Industrial relations
  • Industry engagement
  • Teaching and learning

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 8756
+61 (3) 9919 8759