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Dr Tuan Ngoc Nguyen

BEd (HCM City University), PhD (VicMelb)

Honorary Fellow, College of Arts & Education

Dr Tuan Ngoc Nguyen is an Honorary Fellow at VU's College of Arts & Education. He leads VU’s Vietnamese language and studies program, the only Vietnamese major currently being offered in the Victoria university system.

He has co-ordinated the LOTE methodology training courses for Vietnamese ethnic teachers in Victoria for a number of years which are funded by the Department of Education through Community Languages Australia.

Under the penname Nguyen Hung Quoc, he has published 15 books on Vietnamese literature, language and culture. According to the North Carolina-based Wikivietlit, the encyclopedia for Vietnamese literature edited by Dan Duffy, a Yale-trained expert on Vietnamese studies, he is "considered by many writers and poets, in and out of Vietnam, as one of the most outstanding, reputable and influential Vietnamese critics alive."

Recent publications


Nguyen Hung Quoc (edited with an introduction) (2013), Tho Le Van Tai (Le Van Tai’s poems), Gardena (USA): Van Moi.

Nguyen Hung Quoc (2012), Phuong phap day tieng Viet nhu mot ngon ngu thu hai (Methods of Teaching Vietnamese as a Second Language) (Melbourne: Tien Ve)

Nguyen Hung Quoc (2011), Phan tinh va phan bien (Self-Reflection and Counter-Argument), Gardena (USA): Van Moi.

Nguyen Hung Quoc (2010), Van hoc Viet Nam thoi toan cau hoa (Vietnamese Literature in an Age of Globalisation), Gardena: Van Moi.

Tuan Ngoc Nguyen (2008), Socialist Realism in Vietnamese Literature: An Analysis of the Relationship between Literature and Politics, Berlin: VDM Verlag Dr Muller

Conference presentations

Nguyen Hung Quoc (2013), “Globalisation and Vietnamese Literature”, an international conference at Institute of Vietnamese Studies, California.

Nguyen Hung Quoc (2013), “Tu Luc Literary Group and the Process of Modernisation in Vietnamese Literature”, conference on the Tu Luc Van Doan literary movement in California, USA.

Nguyen Ngoc Tuan (2011), “The Politics of Canonization in Vietnamese Literature”, the 3rd ICKS International Forum on Canonicity and Otherness in Non-Western Culture, International Center for Korean Studies, Korea University.

Teaching responsibilities

Coordinator of Vietnamese language and studies

Co-supervision of two PhD students

Research grants

An Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project on New transnationalisms: Australia's multilingual literary heritage in three years (2013-2015), totaling $155,000 (shared with colleagues at the University of Wollongong and University of Sydney)

Appearances in the media

Dr Nguyen regularly publishes articles on Vietnamese culture and politics at his commissioned blog on the Voice of America’s Vietnamese Program website.

Areas of expertise

  • Vietnamese language, literature and culture

Contact details

+61 3 9919 4049