Professor Terrence Hallahan's research focus is the analysis of financial markets, in particular the performance of managed funds and the behaviour of investors.

Professor Hallahan has 23 years' experience in teaching and learning in finance related disciplines and has a strong record of innovation in teaching practice and integrating research into teaching.

He has extensive experience in teaching and course coordination, at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in Australia Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, and is the recipient of a number of teaching awards.

Prior to joining Victoria University Terrence was head of the finance discipline at RMIT University.

Key publications

Faff, R.W., Hallahan T.A. and McKenzie, M. (2011) "Women and Risk Tolerance in an Aging World", International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, 19, 2, 100-117

Ramiah, B., Cheng, K.Y., Orriols, J., Naughton, T. and Hallahan, T. (2011) "Contrarian investment strategies work better for dually-traded stocks: evidence from Hong Kong", Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 19, 140-156

Hallahan, T.A. and Faff, R.W. (2010) "Testing a Non-Linear Risk Shifting-Tournament Model Applied to Australian Superannuation Funds", Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems, 9, 2, 210-217

Hallahan, T.A. and Faff, R.W. (2009) "Tournament Behavior in Australian Superannuation Funds: A Non-Parametric Analysis", Global Finance Journal, 19, 307-322

Taib, H.M., Di Iorio, A., Hallahan, T.A. and Bissondoyal B. (2009), "The Share price Reaction During Corporate Bond rating revision", Journal of Business and Policy Research, 4, 2, 170-188

Professional membership

  • Finance Learning Standards Working Party, Australian Business Deans Council 
  • CPA Australia
  • Eastern Finance Association
  • European Financial Management Association

Areas of expertise

  • Financial distress prediction
  • Financial education
  • Financial market sustainability, especially ESG/SRI investing, climate change and financial markets
  • Fixed income markets
  • Wealth management, particularly managed funds, investor behaviour and financial risk tolerance

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 1613