Shuyan Huo has worked extensively in social and economic research and analysis over the past decade. Prior to joining CIRES she was a Principal Analyst in the Victorian Department of Education and Training (VDET), and made significant contributions to VDET strategy and policy development and investment decisions.

Through leading a variety of analytical projects in VDET over the last 5 years, Shuyan has developed in-depth knowledge of government education context and policy settings. This includes student achievement, engagement and wellbeing, school funding and performance, and student transition (including early school leavers).

Shuyan’s other areas of expertise include:

  • In-depth understanding of student assessment data (such as NAPLAN, AusVELs, and PISA) and other major administrative databases and surveys for Victorian students and schools
  • Extensive experience in analysing large, complex and diverse datasets using sophisticated and contemporary analytical tools and techniques, such as SAS, JMP and SQL
  • Ability and experience in using complex statistical techniques, such as multivariate analysis and multi-level modelling techniques
  • Ability to present and communicate complex concepts or technical findings to non-technical audience.

Recent publications

Huo, S., and Lamb, S. (2017), Leaving school early means you’re likely never to return to study and training in adult life, the Conversation (online article), June 15, 2017.

Huo, S., and Lamb, S. (2017), Counting the costs of lost opportunity in Australian education, Mitchell Institute, report No. 02/2017. Mitchell Institute, Melbourne. 

Huo, S., and Lamb, S. (2016). Effective strategies for improving student learning: results from the low SES NP evaluation. Research report (PDF, 1.5MB), Sydney: CESE.

Lamb, S., Jackson, J., Walstab, A. & Huo, S. (2015), Educational opportunity in Australia 2015: Who succeeds and who misses out Centre for International Research on Education Systems, Victoria University, for the Mitchell Institute, Melbourne: Mitchell Institute.

Areas of expertise

  • Quantitative research
  • School performance and school effect
  • Student achievement
  • Student engagement
  • Student wellbeing

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 1893