Rob Strathdee is Executive Dean of the College of Arts, Business, Law, Education and IT. He was appointed Dean in the former College of Arts and Education in 2017 and Vice President of the Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities Cluster in 2018, which includes research in law, business, engineering and science.

Rob is from New Zealand and holds a PhD from the University of Canterbury (Christchurch) and a Diploma of Teaching from the Christchurch College of Education.

Rob commenced his career in higher education in 2000 at Murdoch University as a Lecturer in Education. He returned to New Zealand in 2004 to Victoria University of Wellington where he held a number of leadership positions including inaugural Head of the School of Education Policy and Implementation. In 2013, he crossed the Tasman once more, this time joining RMIT as Head of the School of Education.  

Rob’s research and teaching interests focus on the sociology of work. He has published widely on vocational education and training, transitions to work and markets in education and is on the editorial boards of a number of key journals in his field.

He lives in Brunswick with Charlotte, his two sons (Henry and Charlie) and the family hound, Rufus.


College of Arts, Business, Law, Education and  IT and the Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities cluster.


Areas of expertise

  • Sociology of youth
  • Labour market analysis
  • Neo-liberalism

Contact details

Leonie Beaton
Executive Assistant
+61 (3) 9919 7157

Research grants

Funding from National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE) in 2016, totalling $20,000


Refereed journal articles

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Refereed book chapters

Cooper, Barkatsas  and Strathdee (2016) Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour in Education Research Global Learning in the 21st Century, Sense

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Conference presentations

Strathdee, R. (2010) Markets in Education and Graduate Earnings in New Zealand, Paper presented at the XIV World Congress of Comparative Education Societies, Istanbul, June.

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