Phillip is an historian of the Cold War with a special interest in the impact of communism, anti-communism and espionage on the politics and culture of Australia, Great Britain and the United States.

Phillip is a review editor of Labour History, was a guest editor of American Communist History, and is a research associate with the London School of Economics and Political Science Ideas Cold War Studies Program. He has received two fellowships from New York University to undertake research into the Cold War. He has also received numerous teaching and research awards, including:

  • Fulbright Scholarship
  • British Academy award
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in Research
  • Ann Hilda-Sainsbury Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Australian Awards for University Teaching (national finalist).

Areas of expertise

  • Cold War history
  • Communist Party history
  • Espionage and intelligence history

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Recent publications

Phillip Deery has authored more than 100 scholarly publications in the fields of Cold War studies, intelligence and national security, labour movement history and Communist Party history. View more of Philip's publications.

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Appearances in the media

Professor Deery is a regular commentator on Australian political and social history. In 2019, he was interviewed for the SBS documentary series ‘Every Family Has A Secret’ (episode 3); for the feature documentary film ‘Ablaze’ (on Aboriginal activist Bill Onus); and by the Jean Jaures Foundation, Paris, on the Australian Labor Party. He has also been a radio guest on Late Night Live (ABC), WNYC (New York) and PBS (New York).

Postgraduate research supervision

Completions (principal supervisor): 16 PhD, 5 MA

Current supervision (principal supervisor): 3 PhD