Nicola Yelland is a Research Professor in the College of Arts & Education at Victoria University.

Over the last decade her teaching and research has been related to the use of ICT in school and community contexts. This has involved projects that have investigated the innovative learning of children as well as a broader consideration of the ways in which new technologies can impact on the pedagogies that teachers use and the curriculum in schools.

Her multidisciplinary research focus has enabled her to work with early childhood, primary and middle school teachers to enhance the ways in which ICT can be incorporated into learning contexts. Her focus is on making learning more interesting and motivating for students so that educational outcomes are improved.

Recent publications

Professor Yelland is the founding editor of two journals Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood and Global Studies of Childhood.

Refereed journal articles

Vicars, M. & Yelland, N.J. (2014). Becoming partial for a bit of the other. Creative Approaches to Research. 7(1), 82-91.

Yelland, N.J., Muspratt, S. & Gilbert, C.L. (2013). Global childhoods, Asian lifeworlds: After school time in Hong Kong. Bank Street Occasional Series 30, 1-13.

Yelland, N.J., Andrew, Y., Blaise, M. & Chan, Y. (2013). “We spend more time with the children than they do…” Education, care and the work of foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong. Globalisation, Societies and Education. 11(4), 443-458.

Yelland, N.J. & Gilbert, C.L. (2013). iPossibilities: Tablets in early childhood contexts. Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood, 12(1), 5-14.

Yelland, N. J., & Saltmarsh, S. (2013). The Global Childhoods Collective. Ethnography, multiplicity and The Global Childhoods Project: Reflections on establishing an interdisciplinary, transnational, multi-sited research collaboration. Global Studies of Childhood. 3(1), 2-11.

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Books, reports and volumes

Yelland, N.J. & Gilbert, C.L (2015). Inking your thinking. A report to DET (Victoria) and Microsoft.

Yelland, N.J., Butler, D., & Diezmann, C. (2014). Early mathematical explorations (2nd Ed.). Melbourne: Cambridge University Press.

Yelland, N.J. & Gilbert, C.L. (2014). SmartStart: Creating new contexts for learning in the 21st century. A report for IBM. Melbourne: Victoria University.

Yelland, N.J. & Gilbert, C.L. (2013). iPlay, iLearn, iGrow. A report for IBM. Victoria University. Melbourne.

Yelland, N. J. Ed. (2010). Contemporary perspectives on early childhood education. Buckingham, UK: OUP.

Book chapters

Yelland, N.J. & Gilbert, C.L. (in press). Reimagining play with new technologies. In L. Arnott (Ed.) Digital technologies and learning in the early years. London, UK: SAGE.

Yelland, N.J. (in press). Teaching and learning with tablets: A case study of 21st century skills and new learning. In N. Kucirkova & G. Falloon (Eds.). Apps, technology and young learners: International evidence for teaching. London: Routledge.

Yelland, N.J. & Gilbert C.L. (in press, 2016). Digital literacies in early childhood: the potential of new technologies for learning. In B. Raban & J. Scull. (Ed.) Literacy research for practice: Building an Australian evidence base for teaching in the early years. Melbourne: Eleanor Curtin.

Yelland, N.J. (2016). Tablet technologies and multimodal learning in the early years. In S. Garvis & N.Lemon. (Eds.) (pp 122-138). Understanding digital technologies and young children. London: Routledge.

Yelland, N.J. (2015). Playful explorations and new technologies. In J. Moyles (Ed.). The excellence of play. (pp. 225 – 236). Milton Keynes: Open University Press.

View all of Nicola Yelland's publications.

Research grants

  • 2015 SmartStart. IBM
  • 2014 Inking your thinking. DET (Victoria)
  • 2013 SmartStart. IBM
  • 2012 iPlay, iLearn, iGrow. IBM

Teaching responsibilities

Postgraduate research students

Completions: 5 Honours students, 8 Master of Education, 10 PhD students.
Current supervision: 3 PhD students, 3 Master of Education Students.

Professional memberships

American Educational Research Association

Appearances in the media

Professor Yelland writes regularly for the Conversation and has been interviewed by ABC Radio National regarding her views on education frequently.

Areas of expertise

  • early childhood education
  • gender issues in education and society
  • New technologies
  • Popular culture and children
  • Transformative curriculum and pedagogies

Contact details

(03) 9919 4904