Professor Michael Stuckey is the Dean of the College of Law and Justice. He was appointed in April 2017 and previously was the Head of School and Professor of Law at the University of New England. Professor Stuckey was also the Head of School of Law at The University of Glamorgan from 2003 to 2012 and a lecturer at the University of Ulster. He has also been a lecturer at the University of Newcastle; and tutor and assistant lecturer at Monash University.

From 1991 – 1992 Professor Stuckey was a volunteer solicitor with Springvale Legal Service. In 1991 he was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor to the Supreme Court of Victoria. 1990 – 1991 he was the holder of Practising Certificate (Solicitor) New South Wales and in 1990 was admitted as a Solicitor to the Supreme Court of New South Wales and as a Barrister and Solicitor to the High Court of Australia

Professor Stuckey has written many journal articles, chapters in books, and reviewed several books and case notes.  He has presented papers and refereed at numerous overseas and Australian conferences as well as giving public lectures, interviews and published various other material in relation to his profession and academic interests.

Professor Stuckey has served on many University boards and committees throughout his academic career. 


Refereed journal articles

Stuckey, M., (2017) Introducing Miss Gertrude Kemble, Notes & Queries, 64 (i), 100-101.

Stuckey, M., (2015) The study of English national history by Sir Francis Palgrave: the original use of the national records in an imaginative historical narrative, Law, Culture and the Humanities, DOI: 10.1177/1743872115587064, 1-27.

Stuckey, M., (2015) Francis Palgrave’s historico-legal world of science and theology, European Legal Roots, 4, 297-312.

Stuckey, M., (2014) Francis Palgrave and the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon racial distribution in Britain: Nineteenth Century Thought and (recent) DNA evidence and its significance, Australian Celtic Journal, 12 ,115-125.

Stuckey, M., (2012) Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century English Humanism and Antiquarianism: the Prosopographical Method and Reflections on Historico-Legal Tradition, Journal of Legal History 33, 31-64.

Chapters in books

Stuckey, M., (2012) Antiquarianism and Legal History, in Musson A. and Stebbings, C., ed.s, Making Legal History: Approaches and Methodologies, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 215-243.

Stuckey, M., (2010) The idea of the continuation/extinguishment of 'Welsh' customary land law in the face of Norman/English conquest and legal regime-change, in O’Neill, P., ed., The Celts in Legend and Reality, Sydney, Sydney Series in Celtic Studies – University of Sydney,  223-233.

Stuckey, M., (2007) ‘enjoyned by the Laws of this Assembly’: The Elizabethan Society of Antiquaries and the Prosopographical Approach”, Keats-Rohan, K.S.B. (ed), Prosopography Approaches and Applications: A Handbook, Prosopograhica Et Genealogica, 13, 499-525.

Refereed book chapters

Book Review: Stuckey, M.,( 2005) A Star Chamber Court in Ireland: The Court of Castle Chamber, 1571-1641 (Crawford)”, Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 56,4, 613-615.

Book Review: Stuckey, M., (1997) Principles Of Equity And Trusts (Hepburn), The Newcastle Law Review, 2, 140.

Book Review: Stuckey, M., (1996) The Wik Case: Issues and Implications”, The Newcastle Law Review, 2, 135.

Case note: Stuckey, M.,(1996) Prisoners A-XX Inclusive v State of New South Wales, Criminal Law Journal, 20, 167-170.

Book Review: Stuckey, M., (1995) Fisher and Lightwood's Law of Mortgage: Australian Edition, The Newcastle Law Review, 1, 139.

Conference presentations

Stuckey, M. (2015)  The Germanic World of John Mitchell Kemble” –22nd British Legal History Conference (University of Reading, 8-11 July 2015).

Stuckey, M. 2013) Representations of Science and Natural Theology in Palgrave’s Legal and Institutional Historical Projects Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society Conference, (University of Otago, 25-27 November 2013, Dunedin).

Stuckey, M. (2013) The study of English national history by Sir Francis Palgrave: the original use of the national records in an imaginative historical narrative 21th British Legal History Conference (University of Glasgow, 10-13 July 2013).

Stuckey, M. (2010) Contemporary Welsh Governance - Paper presented at the 7th Australian Celtic Studies Conference (University of Sydney, 29 September - 2 October 2010)

Stuckey, M. (2009) Antiquarianism and Legal History 19thBritish Legal History Conference (University of Exeter, 8-11 July 2009).

Industry experience

Solicitor and Barrister.

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