Stephanie is an Academic Teaching Scholar (Dermal Sciences) in the First Year College.

Stephanie completed her Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education in 2016 and graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in 2007.  She then worked as a Dermal Clinician for many years before teaching at Victoria University. She has worked in the health and beauty industry for more than 15 years and specialised in lasers and skin treatments providing advanced aesthetic treatments in high-end cosmetic and surgical clinics. Stephanie worked alongside various physicians and other health professionals for 12 years.

Stephanie is very passionate about the broad field of science, health, and aesthetics practised in a multidisciplinary environment. Stephanie is authentic and loves what she does, and is now permanently involved in teaching, curriculum design, and education.

Stephanie has a strong interest in public health, cutting-edge technologies, anti-ageing medicine, and polytherapy. 


Areas of expertise

  • Dermal sciences
  • Education and Access to Modern Knowledge
  • Curriculum design & development
  • Research and Evidenced-Based Practice
  • Clinical practice guidelines & standard operating procedures
  • Clinical practice & applications
  • Clinical communications
  • Clinical coordination
  • Clinical & therapeutic treatment modalities
  • Clinical ethics & supervision
  • Devices & technologies applied in aesthetics
Stephanie Permal

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 1870

Professional experience

Industry experience

  • Experienced clinician who has been involved in setting up several cosmetic clinics.
  • Extensive experience in the operations, and the management side of the business.

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