Lyndal Bond is an epidemiologist and public health researcher experienced in designing, implementing and evaluating complex public health programs and initiatives in complex settings in Australia and the UK.

Her research has focused on researching school level effects, system level interventions and methods for converting evidence into effective practice, particularly in relation to reducing inequalities. She has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods and a particular interest in methods and research techniques that:

  • measure and understand individuals’ experiences
  • describe contexts
  • assess change at the individual and system-level
  • investigate the interplay between research, policy and practice.

In recognition of her expertise, Lyndal has provided evidence to the House of Lords, UK on how we can know that health behaviour interventions are effective, and to the House of Commons Health Select Committee on what we know that can reduce social inequalities. She has been a lead investigator on over 50 research projects, attracting over $30 million in research funds, including grants from national and international funding bodies, government departments and not for profit organisations. She has co-authored over 100 journal articles, book chapters and reports (h-index of 38 and i10-index 76).

Professional memberships

International Epidemiology Association

Areas of expertise

  • Implementation & evaluation of complex interventions
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 1886

Selected publications

Refereed journal articles

Robison, O., Kearns, A., Gray, L., Bond, L., Henderson, M. (2015) Mixed Tenure Communities as a Policy Instrument for Educational Outcomes in a Deprived Urban Context. Urban Research and Practice, 1-27.

Moore, G., Audrey, S., Barker, M., Bond, L., Bonell, C., Hardeman, W., Moore, L., O’Cathain, A., Tinati, T., Wight, D., Baird, J. (2015) Process evaluation of complex interventions: Medical Research Council guidance. BMJ, 350, h1258.

Bond, L., Lusher, D., Williams, I., Butler, H. (2014) Friends or foes? Relational dissonance and adolescent psychological wellbeing. PloS one, 9(2), e83388.

Bond, L., Egan, M., Kearns, A., Tannahill, C. (2013) GoWell: the challenges of evaluating a population health intervention. Preventive Medicine, 57(6), 941-947.

Bond, L., Kearns, A., Mason, P., Tannahill, C., Egan, M., Whitley, E. (2012) Exploring the relationships between housing, neighbourhoods and mental wellbeing for residents of deprived areas. BMC Public Health, 12(1), 1.


Butler, H., Krelle, A., Seal, I., Trafford, L., Drew, S., Hargreaves, J., Bond L. (2011) The Critical Friend: Facilitating Positive Change in School Communities. Melbourne: ACER.

Refereed chapters

Hemphill, S. A., Drew, S. E., Broderick, D. J., Gillam, L. & Bond, L. (2016). A way forward? Finding room for flexible behaviour management approaches in inflexible school structures. In Locked out: Resolving school exclusion contexts in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand (edited by P. Towl & S.A. Hemphill). NZCER Press.

Egan M., Bond L. (2015) The ‘best available evidence’ could be better: evidence from systematic reviews of organizational interventions. In Derailed Organizational Stress and Well-Being Interventions: Confessions of Failure and Solutions for Success (edited by M. Karanika-Murray & C. Biron). Dordrecht Heidelberg New York London: Springer.

Moore, G., Audrey, S., Barker, M., Bond, L., Bonell, C., Hardeman, W., Moore, L., O’Cathain, A., Tinati, T., Wight, D., Baird, J. (2015) Process evaluation of complex interventions: a summary of Medical Research Council guidance. In Complex Interventions in Health: an Overview of Research Methods (edited by D.A. Richards & I. R. Hallberg). London & New York: Routledge.

McIntosh E., Bond L., Donaldson C., Lawson K., Mason H. (2014) Economics of population health. In Public Health Research Methods (edited by G. Guest). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Industry Experience

  • Evaluation of Early Education in England Expert Panel, Department for Education, UK.
  • ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Lifecourse, Fellow, Lifecourse Centre.
  • Collaborative partnership with the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre.
  • Centre of Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science, Australia, Strategic Research Advisor.
  • UK Research Councils’ Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Advisory Group of Experts.
  • Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy, UK, Scientific Advisory Group.
  • DiEt and Active Living (DEAL) study, UK, Research Advisory Group, Chair.
  • National Healthy Schools Programme, UK, Evaluation Advisor.
  • School Ethos Project, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK, Scientific Advisory Group Member.

Research grants

2012-2016: Henderson, M, Jackson, C, Bond, L, Wilson, P, Elliott, L, Levin, K, Haw, S, Wight, D. National Institutes of Health Research, Public Health Research, UK. Social and Emotional Education and Development (SEED): a stratified, cluster Randomised Trial of a multi-component primary school intervention that follows the pupils’ transition into secondary school:  £865,177

2015: Bond, L, Shiell, A, Riley, T. VicHealth. VicHealth Leading Thinkers Initiative: development of program logic and evaluation plan: $30,000

2013-2015: Bond, L, Shiell, A, Riley, T. Victorian Department of Health. Systems evaluation of Jamie’s Ministry of Food program in Victoria: $200,000

2013-2015: Leyland, A, Bond, L, Dundas, R, Chalmers, J, Gray, R, Briggs, A. National Institutes of Health Research, Public Health Research. Evaluation of Health in Pregnancy Grants in Scotland: UK £145,210

2012-2013: Benzeval, M, Bond, L, Egan, M, Lorenc, T, Popham, F, Petticrew, M.  Joseph Rowntree Foundation. How much does money matter? A theoretical review: £30,000

2011-2012: Viner, R, Bonell, C, Bond, L, Strange, V, Elbourne, D, Miners, A, Christie, D, Scott, S. National Institutes of Health Research, Health Technology Assessment. INCLUSIVE trial: Initiating change locally in bullying and aggression through the school environment: UK £500,000

2010-2014: Macintyre, S, Bond, L, Benzeval, M, Ellaway, A, Harding, S, Hilton, S, Hunt, K, Leyland, A, Wight, D. Medical Research Council, UK & Chief Scientist’s Office, Scotland. MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit: £19,000,000

2009-2014: Kearns, A, Tannahill, C, Bond, L. Scottish Government, NHS Health Scotland, GHA, GCPH. GoWell: Glasgow community health and wellbeing research and learning programme: £2,800,000

2009-2012: Skivington, K, Bond, L, Benzeval, M. Chief Scientists Office Scottish Government Grant . Incapacity Benefits, employment transitions and health: evidence from longitudinal data and intervention evaluation: £90,461

2009-2010: Gibson, M, Bond, L, Thomson, H, Bambra, C. Chief Scientists Office, Scottish Government. Welfare to work interventions and their effects on health and wellbeing of lone parents and their children: £49.802

2008-2010: Delatycki, M, Metcalfe, S, Allen, K, Aitken, M, Bond, L, Collins, V. NHMRC. “Is high school screening for haemochromatosis acceptable and feasible?”: $670,000

2008-2010: Toumbourou, J, Hemphill, S, Patton, G, Bond, L. NHMRC: Modifiable influences on tobacco, cannabis and other drug use in early adolescence: $146,150

2008-2010: Bond, L, Frydenberg, E, Firth, N. ARC Discovery Grant. Success despite learning difficulties: the role of perceived control in effective coping interventions for adolescent students with specific learning difficulties: $154,000

2008-2010: Hemphill, S, Bond, L, Toumbourou, J, Drew, S. ARC Discovery Grant. “How do school discipline approaches affect student behaviour and wellbeing?”: $650,000

2008-2009: Toumbourou, J, Catalano,R, Herenkhol, T, Hemphill, S, Bond, L, Patton, G. NIH. Environment-person influences on the development of early alcohol use and misuse: $US514,678

2007-2009: Yates, L, Moss, J, White, J, Hay, T T, Ferguson, P, Dixon, M, Bond, L, Drew, S, St Leger, P. ARC Linkage . A multidisciplinary investigation of how trauma and chronic illness impact on schooling, identity and social connectivity. $344,120 +Industry Contribution $344,120