Dr. Lalith Seelanatha is a Lecturer in Finance and Financial Services at Victoria University. He holds a PhD in Business from the University of Southern Queensland, an MBA from the Asian Institute of Technology, an M.Acc from the University of Glasgow, a Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Education from Victoria University, and a BSc (Pub. Admin) from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.

Dr Lalith Seelanatha commenced employment as a lecturer in Accounting and Finance with Victoria University in 2008. Since then, he has taught in both postgraduate (Business Finance and International Financial Management) and undergraduate (Corporate Finance, International Banking and Finance and Risk Management Models).

He also had administrative responsibilities such as course and unit coordination.

Since joining Victoria University, Dr. Seelanatha has secured research and other grants totalling $48,180. He has an impressive publication record, with 12 research papers published in refereed journals. Additionally, he has presented 5 research papers at local and international conferences.

Dr. Seelanatha has demonstrated his expertise in supervising PhD and DBA students, having successfully guided 6 students in the fields of Finance, Accounting, and Auditing. Currently, he is supervising 5 PhD students.


Haider Alqadhib, Nada Kulendran, & Lalith Seelanatha (2022); Impact of COVID-19 on mutual fund performance in Saudi Arabia; Cogent Economics & Finance 10 (1).

Lalith Seelanatha (2021); Political Instability, Civil War and Cost Efficiency of Banking Firms: A Case Study in Sri Lanka; Asian Economic Journal 35 (3)

Lalith Seelanatha and Ranjith Ihalanayake (2019); War and peace times, interest margin and commercial bank operations: A case of the Sri Lankan banking sector; International Journal of Development and Conflict 9 (2)

Mohamed, Ahmad E.M and Lalith Seelanatha (2014) The Global Financial Crisis (GFC), Equity Market Liquidity & Capital Structure: Evidence from Australia, Journal of Applied Research in Accounting and Finance (JARAF), 9 (1).

Riccardo Natolia, Beverley Jackling & Lalith Seelanatha (2014) The impact of instructor’s group management strategies on students’ attitudes to group work and generic skill development, Pedagogies: An International Journal 9 (2).

See a full list of Lalith's publications on the Victoria University Research Repository (VURR).

Teaching responsibilities


BAO2007 International Finance

BEO2012 Financial Modelling for Enterprise Risk Management

BAO5534 Business Finance

BAO7003 Financial Modelling and Technologies.


BAO2001 Corporate Finance

BAO2007 International Finance

BEO2012 Financial Modelling for Enterprise Risk Management

BAO5534 Business Finance

BAO7003 Financial Modelling and Technologies.

Research grants

Victoria University International Collaborative Research Grant Scheme with Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) – 2014 – $10,000 (with Dr Ranjith Ihalanayake and Professor John Breen).

Development Grant Scheme (VURDGS) (2012), $28,180(with Dr Ranjith Ihalanayake and Professor John Breen).

ALTC grant 2010 “Building course team capacity to enhance graduate employability” ($20,000) (with (Professor Beverley Jackling, Dr Naidoo, J., Dr Paguio, R., Dr Prokofieva, M.)



  • Co-supervision -PHD - 04, and DBA – 02;
  • Supervision -Master – 03.


  • Co-supervision: 03;
  • Supervision: 01.

Conference presentations

Ihalanayake, R., Seelanatha L. and John Breen (2013) “Working Capital Management Practices in Small Businesses in Victoria” (presented at the  WASET International Conference, Penang, Malaysia December 16-17, 2013).

Seelanatha, S.L. (2008), "An analysis of productivity and efficiency of assets transformation in the banking industry in Sri Lanka", (Presented at the 16th Annual Conference on PBFEAM (Brisbane, Australia, 2 - 4 July 2008).

Seelanatha, S.L. (2009),  "Market structure, efficiency and performance of banking industry in Sri Lanka", (presented at the 54th annual conference of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (Holiday in Paris, 23-28 July 2009).

Professional membership

  • Chartered Accountant (ICASL-Sri Lanka).

Industry experience

Work as an Audit Examiner (Auditor General’s Department of Sri Lanka) for four years (1986-1990).


  • Finance and Financial Services

Areas of expertise

  • Corporate capital structure
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency and market structure
  • Commercial banking
  • International finance and business finance
  • Working capital management
  • Stock market
  • Risk management model

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 5320