Dr Landman's background prior to starting with VU was in secondary teaching, curriculum development and educational film and radio.

She teaches in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, in the areas of media and audiences, and communication industries.

Her research concerns the role of the media in the process and cultures of colonialism and decolonisation. She has a particular interest in Australia and the Pacific.



Landman J (2006) The Tread of a White Man’s Foot: Australian Pacific Colonialism and the Cinema, Pandanus Books, ANU, Canberra. 

Book chapters

Landman J (forthcoming 2014), ‘Renewing imperial ties: The Queen in Australia (1954), Australia’s “royal summer” and the new commonwealth in the Pacific’ in ed. Mandy Merck, Monarchy on Screen, Manchester and NY: Manchester University Press.

Landman J (2009) “Not in Kanzas anymore” transnational collaboration in television science fiction in Mayer Vicki, Miranda Banks, and John Caldwell, eds., Production Studies: Cultural Studies of Media Industries, New York and London, Routledge.

Refereed articles

Landman J (2013), ‘Remote Area Nurse: SBS protocols, grass roots collaboration, and quality miniseries’, Studies in Australasian Cinema 7.2, pp. 201-213 (in press).

Collins, F, and Landman, J. (2010) ‘Decolonising settler colonial and decolonizing screens’ Studies in Australasian Cinema 7.2, pp.95-100 (in press).

Landman J (2010), ‘At home with our colonial work: The ABC’s New Look at New Guinea’, Continuum Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, 23:4, June 2010a, pp.343-357.

Landman J and Ballard C (2010), ‘An ocean of images: film and history in the Pacific’. In eds., Ballard and Landman, Film History in the Pacific, Special Issue of Journal of Pacific History, 45(1), pp. 1-21.

Ballard C and Landman J (2010), ‘Visualising the Subject of Development: Australian Government Films Made During the Trusteeship of New Guinea’. In Ballard and Landman (eds.) Film History in the Pacific, Special Issue of Journal of Pacific History, 45(1), pp.71-89.

Landman J (2009), ‘Borders of the post-war national family’, Studies in Australasian Cinema, 3:1, pp. 61-73. 

Recent conference papers

Landman J (2012), The Queen in Australia: Rebranding the commonwealth in the Pacific, invited keynote, Monarchy on Screen Conference, London University, Nov 2012

Landman J (2012), The Commonwealth Film Unit in the 1950s, Screen History Memory, FHAANZ conference, Melbourne Dec 3-5 (convener and presenter)

Landman J (2012), A place in the world: Stanley Hawes, Australian government film, and the Commonwealth of documentary production after World War Two, Documentary Film, Hong Kong, Grierson, Baptist University, Hong Kong, January 2012 (invited presentation).

Landman J (2011), Maslyn Williams’ Patrol Diaries, New Guinea Patrol: one-day symposium, ANU, Dec 9 (convener and presenter)

Landman J (2010), Passing the baton: training in documentary production, Pacific at the crossroads, Pacific History Conference, University of Goroka, PNG, September 2010.

Landman J (2009), Simon in Australia, Documentary Film, Regional Context and Theoretical Perspectives, Hong Kong Baptist University, May 2009 (invited presentation).

Teaching responsibilities

Unit Coordination 

Jane coordinates the following undergraduate units:

Professional membership

  • Editorial Board, Metro Magazine, Moving Image, monograph series on Australian film.
  • Member, Film and History Association of Australia and New Zealand

Areas of expertise

  • Australian film and television history
  • Media and the Pacific
  • National cinemas

Contact details

(03) 9919 2313