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Professor Hong Xu

PhD (VicMelb), BMed (CMCollBJ), GradCertTerEdu (VicMelb), RegChinMed Practitioner

Research Professor, College of Engineering & Science

Professor Dr Hong Xu (Bachelor of Medicine, PhD) is a professor and registered PhD supervisor at Victoria University (VU). She has led research programs in Chinese medicine and its integrated multi-disciplinary areas, including:

  • Chinese food therapy
  • herbal analysis
  • herbal product/acupuncture clinical trial
  • tai chi
  • e-health.

Her achievements include seven University Awards of Teaching Excellence and Distinguished Academic Achievement. She has over 20 years practical experience.

Areas of expertise

  • Chinese exercise therapies
  • Chinese language and culture
  • Chinese medicine theory and clinical practice (herbal medicine, acupuncture)
  • Clinical investigation of therapeutic food/herb products
  • E-Health (chronic disease diagnosis, prevention and management)
  • Laboratory analysis of therapeutic food/herbs and development of food/herb products
  • Nutrition and Dietary therapy in chronic diseases prevention and treatment
  • Sports medicine

Contact details

+61 3 9919 4426