Professor Gabriel's continuing association with the Victoria Law School significantly enhances the College's focus on comparative commercial law, international trade law and commercial arbitration as well as the internationalisation of the College's curriculum and staff and student linkages.

Professor Gabriel is the holder of a Chair in Law at Elon University, North Carolina, since 2008. He was previously the Van De Daggett Professor of Law in the School of Law, Loyola University, New Orleans. He was appointed as a professor in that school in 1984 after teaching for two years in the Law School, Columbia University, New York.

He has been a visiting professor in law schools in the United States, Australia, Finland, Japan and Italy. He has taught in law schools in Austria, New Zealand and Vanuatu. He holds four international or national appointments of significance.

Professor Gabriel is an elected member of the Governing Council of the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) in Rome. He is a delegate of the United States to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law working group on electronic commerce. Professor Gabriel is a reporter for revisions to the United States Uniform Commercial Code and has chaired its committee revising the provisions on documents of title.

He is a member of the United States National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, previously for Louisiana and now for North Carolina. He served on the committee which drafted its Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

Professor Gabriel has regularly taught a number of subjects in the Victoria Law School's summer school each year since 2003. Professor Gabriel complements the interests of other members of the staff in the College in comparative commercial law, an area of research interest. He is responsible for the Victoria Law School VIS mooting team being hosted by a number of United States and European universities including Humboldt University, Berlin.



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Published papers

"The New United States Uniform Electronic Transations Act" published in the Proceedings of the First Asia-Pacific Conferernce on Cyberlaw, Putrajaha, Malaysia, (November 1999)

Law review articles

"The Advantages of Soft Law in International Commercial Law: The Role of UNIDROIT, UNCITRAL and the Hague Conference" 34 Brooklyn J. IOnt. Law 665 (2009)

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Book chapters


"Liquidated Damages, Specific Performance Clauses, Limitations on Remedies and Attorney Fees" 4 CILE STUDIES 529, UNCITRAL DIGEST AS A CONTRACT DRAFTING TOOL (OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2007)

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