Gail is the Director of Wyndham Tech School.  She started her career working in the manufacturing, energy and telecommunication sectors, with a passion for technology she decided to teach it and moved into vocational education and training.

She now works squarely in innovation and describes herself as an 'internal entrepreneur', taking on start-up projects that challenge the status quo. Recently she led the creation of the VET modern blended learning model that was benchmarked against industry’s best, winning the Australian Institute Training Development award in 2017 and coming runner up on the world stage in London in 2018.  Following this project, she led the creation of VU’s Innovation Space at the Sunshine Skills Hub, the creation of the Cybersecurity Training Centre at St Albans and more recently the design and relaunch of the Wyndham Tech School in Werribee.

Gail serves on the board of Future Connect, is an advisory member of the Digital Skills Organisation and a member of Wyndham City Council’s Learning City Portfolio.

Gail is a passionate advocate for Melbourne’s West, believing through strong partnerships with government, industry and the community that VU has what it takes to become a global leader by 2028, and in doing so help the community we serve reach its full potential.


Vocational Education and Training

Areas of expertise

  • Design thinking
  • Disruptive strategy
  • Innovation
  • LEAN Principles
  • Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM)
  • Agile
  • Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  • Change management

Contact details

0412 468 363

Conference presentations


  • Judge, Wynnovation Pitch Competition
  • Keynote Wyndham Business and Tourism Association


  • Judge, Wynnovation Ptitch Competition
  • Committee of Wyndham Business Leaders (Future of Work)
  • Wyndham Local Learning Employment Network (Future of Work)
  • Future of Work Panel Discussion


  • Wynnovation Panel Discussion (Innovation in Business)
  • Sunshine Skills Hub Ministerial Opening


  • Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), (A Futuristic Approach to VET in Challenging Times)
  • Thought Leadership Series (VU)


  • Wyndham Business Leaders (The Robots Are Coming)
  • LearnX Live, Sydney (Project 100)
  • World Congress, Melbourne (A Futuristic Approach to VET in Challenging Times)
  • Chair Academy International Leadership Conference, Colorado, USA (Project 100)
  • EduTech Sydney (Building a Sustainable and Profitable VET Business Model)
  • What’s Hot in IT (AI and VR) – Panellist


  • EduTech Singapore (Transforming Vocational Education)
  • TDA Adelaide (Roundtable Discussions – Project 100)

Professional memberships

Australian Computer Society (ACS), Vic ICT for Women, AWSN, AISA, ISACA, Women in Tech