Fion joined VU in 2014 as the Educational Quality Coordinator (Transnational Education and External Delivery).

Fion has more than 15 years of working experience in both commercial and educational industry, in Singapore, Asia-Pacific and Australia. Prior to her academic career, she worked in the private sector in project management, below-the-line agency, key account servicing (including at Intel Asia and other multinational corporations) and business development.

Fion has more than 10 years of working experience in transnational education. Her experience in this area ranges from managing commercial profitability and stakeholder engagement, to curriculum development, teaching, research and managing the academic quality and delivery of transnational delivery. She also has experience in developing and managing higher education programs in Singapore and Australia.

Fion’s PhD thesis ‘Australian transnational higher education quality assurance in Singapore and Malaysia’ received the IEAA Excellence Award 2012 – Outstanding Postgraduate Thesis on a topic related to International Education. She is a registered member of the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) Register of Experts in the areas: dual sectors and transnational education.

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Lim, C. B. & Shah, M. (in press). An examination on the growth and sustainability of Australian transnational education. International Journal of Educational Management

Lim, F. C. B. (2016) Transnational education in China secondary school. International Higher Education, 87(Fall), 12-14

Lim, C. B., Bentley, D., Henderson, F., Pan, S.Y., Balakrishnan, V. D., Balasingam, D.M. & Teh, Y. Y. (2016). Equivalent or not? Beyong measuring teaching and learning standards in a transnational education environment. Quality Assurance in Education, 24(4), 528-540

Lim, F.C.B. (2010), Do too many rights make a wrong? A qualitative study of the experiences of a sample of Malaysian and Singapore private higher education providers in transnational quality assurance. Quality in Higher Education, 16(3), 211-222.

Lim, F.C.B. (2009), Education hub at a crossroads: The development of quality assurance as a competitive tool for Singapore’s private tertiary education. Quality Assurance in Education, 17(1), 79-94.

Conference presentations

Lim, C.B. (2015), To market, to market: But where to from here? Re-examining the TNE potential for Australia. Paper presented at Australian International Education Conference, AIEC 2015, Adelaide, Australia.

Lim, C.B. (2015), Quality management across countries. Paper presented at Victoria University 2015 Learning and Teaching Symposium, Victoria, Australia.

Lim, F.C.B. (2012), Critical success factors in transnational quality assurance – Findings from a PhD thesis. Paper presented at Australian International Education Conference AIEC 2012, Melbourne, Australia.

Lim, F.C.B. and Devlin, M. (2011), Professional accreditation in transnational quality assurance: A potential approach to a challenging issue. Conference paper for the Australian Quality Forum 2011, Australia.

Lim, F.C.B. (2008). Coping with variety: The plight of transnational education in the face of different quality assurance systems. Paper presented at Society for Research into Higher Education 2008 Postgraduate and New Researcher Annual Conference: Valuing Higher Education, Liverpool, UK.

Teaching responsibilities

Co-supervisor for one PhD student.

Research grants

Victoria University (2015), Research start-up fund for new staff, $4000.

Office for Learning and Teaching (2015), Project funding for 'Learning without Borders', $23,000.

Higher Education Research Group Grant (2008), Deakin University, $5000.

Professional memberships

  • National Deputy Convener, International Education Association of Australia (IEAA), Transnational Education Special Interest Group
  • Member of International Committee, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
  • Registered expert on TEQSA’s Register of Experts: Dual sectors and transnational education
  • IEAA member


Areas of expertise

  • Higher Education
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Transnational education (experience in full life-cycle of TNE learning including opportunities assessments; learning and teaching improvement; and risks management)

Contact details