Esmedekh's research is in the development of next generation computable general equilibrium models, and the application of these models to the analysis of economic growth and structural change, forecasting, and policy analysis in resource-rich economies. He is also interested in bridging CGE modelling and Econometrics.

Esme can assist with:

  • Enquires related to economic modelling, statistical analysis and applied economics.
  • Mathematical and Statistical Modelling
  • Research design and quantitative data analysis (Business and Economics)
  • Research databases
  • Quantitative Data Analysis (SPSS, STATA, GEMPACK)
  • Data and file management
  • Writing and editing

Contact details

Esme is available at City Flinders campus (Room 9.10a):

  • Friday 20 November, 2pm - 5pm
  • Wednesday 2 December, 11am - 2pm

Book an appointment with Esme.

From 23 November-4 December 2015the Research Ambassadors can be contacted from 11am to 2pm:

  • via email at [email protected]
  • on Skype (look for contact name 'vuseekra')
  • phone City Flinders: 0478 405 117 Footscray Park: 0478 405 113