Doug is a lecturer in the College of Health & Biomedicine. He teaches anatomy, physiology and pathology to students in the Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) program.

Doug is passionate about providing his students with engaging learning opportunities. He recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education, with a research project entitled ‘Active learning in osteopathic education: evaluation of Think-Pair-Share in an undergraduate pathology unit’.

Doug possesses both nursing and osteopathic qualifications.


  • 2016: College of Health & Biomedicine award for teaching excellence (early career teacher).

Research projects

  • 2013: ‘A nurse-led education intervention to improve non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug safety on a short-stay surgical ward’.
  • 2012: ‘Emergency Department volunteer perspectives on professional challenges and learning needs: implications for education and practice’.
  • 2007: ‘Participation of Australian elders in lawn bowls: implications for health and wellbeing’.

Teaching responsibilities

Course Leader

Unit coordinator

Professional memberships

Industry experience

Doug has worked in a range of healthcare settings, including a major tertiary hospital as a peri-operative nurse, and in an osteopathic practice in suburban Melbourne.

Areas of expertise

  • Anatomy and physiology education
  • Applied pathophysiology
  • Clinical examination
 Douglas Wong

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 1294