Professor David McCallum is an Emeritus Professor in the Centre for International Research on Education Systems (CIRES).

In his role as Emeritus Professor at CIRES, David McCallum:

Professor McCallum was previously Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Discipline Group in the College of Arts & Education at Victoria University (2014-2017).

Professor McCallum is author or co-author of four books and over 40 articles in research field of history of human sciences and a member of the Sociological Association of Australia and the International Sociological Association.



McCallum, D. (2017) Criminalizing Children. Welfare and the State in Australia, Cambridge and New York, Cambridge University Press (in press)

Laurence, J. and McCallum, D. (2009), Inside the Child’s Head. Histories of childhood behavioural disorders, Rotterdam/Boston/Taipei, Sense Publishing

McCallum, D. (2001) Personality and Dangerousness. Genealogies of Antisocial Personality Disorder, Cambridge and New York, Cambridge University Press.

McCallum, D., (1990) The Social Production of Merit. Education, psychology and politics in Australia 1900-1950, London and New York, Taylor and Francis / Falmer Press, 1990 (republished 2012, London, Macmillan).

Academic journals & chapters

McCallum, D. (2016) ‘Categories of race: technologies of knowing and governing Australian aborigines’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 39 (14), 2527- 2544 DOI: 10.1080/01419870.2016.1140792 

McCallum, D. (2015) ‘Unstable categories: children in welfare and justice’, Griffith Law Review, 24, (2), doi/full/10.1080/10383441.2015.1029108

McCallum, D. (2014) ‘Criminal neglect: tracing the category of the Aboriginal ‘neglected child’, Social Identities. Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, 20 (4-5), 379-390.

McCallum, D. (2014) ‘Bio-child: human sciences and governing through freedom’, Journal of Sociology,  50(4), 458–471.

McCallum, D. (2011) ‘Liberal forms of governing Australian Indigenous peoples’, Journal of Law and Society, 38 (4), 604-30.

Refereed chapters

McCallum, D. (2012) 'Analysing criminalisation in rural community contexts', in J Maidment and U Bay (eds) Social work in Rural Australia: enabling practice, Sydney, Allen and Unwin.

Conference presentations

McCallum, D. (2014) ‘Cultural abuse, inter-generational trauma, resilience’. Reflections, Intersections and Aspirations.  50 years of Australian Sociology, 25 – 28 November 2013,  Monash University, Caulfield Campus.  Editors in Chief: Nick Osbaldiston, Catherine Strong and Helen Forbes-Mewett,  ISBN: 978-0-646-91126-7

McCallum, D. (2013) ‘Spaces of Assessment / Spaces of Incarceration: Destablising the Modernist Family Project, The Australian Sociological Association 2013 Annual Conference Refereed Conference Proceedings

McCallum, D. (2013) ‘Knowing and managing the Welfare Child’, Knowing, Making, Governing. Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network Biennial Conference 2013. National University of Singapore

McCallum, D. (2013) ‘Spaces of civilization/spaces of incarceration’, 4th Urban Space and Social Life Conference, Tongli Town, Suzhou, China

Current supervision

Co-supervision of six PhD students in the following areas:

  • psycho-social studies
  • sociology of work
  • critiques of neo-liberal educational strategies
  • Australian Aboriginal community resilience and story-telling.

Industry experience

Police governance bodies, local government social policy

Areas of expertise

  • Governance
  • History of human sciences
  • Indigenous studies
  • Political sociology
  • Social policy
  • Sociology
  • Sociology of law

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