Adjunct Professor Cynthia Leung has an internationally recognised research track record in development and evaluation of parent training programs, with a particular focus on parents of preschool children.

Cynthia has a strong interest in research translation and has partnered with community sectors to enhance the system of support for children with diverse learning needs in preschools in Hong Kong. Her work has informed the development of government-funded services to support children with diverse learning needs in preschools. She is now involved in a project to further enhance the capacity of preschools to support children with a range of learning abilities. Cynthia is also actively engaged in the development and validation of assessment instruments for children and parents.

Cynthia received her professional training as an educational psychologist in University College London. Prior to joining the Mitchell Institute, she was professor and program leader of a master program on professional training of educational psychologists in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Her recent research includes:

  • the evaluation of interventions to improve family and child wellbeing
  • examination of interventions to improve capacity of preschools to cater for learning diversity
  • the development and validation of a comprehensive assessment scale for toddlers in Hong Kong.

Areas of expertise

  • Parent training
  • Program evaluation
  • Test development

Contact details

(03) 9919 1161