Associate Professor Fry is a leading Australian health social sciences researcher with training in psychology, public health and applied ethics. He has held two previous National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) research fellowships in the area of health ethics.

Craig has worked in a variety of settings including community, health services, university, prison, policy and research institutes. He has received over $4.5m of research funding since 1999 (grants, tenders, consultancies), and currently leads the Culture and Values in Health research program within the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing (CCDW).

Associate Professor Fry's professional activities include:

  • Convenor, Western Region Alcohol and Drug Health Research Network
  • Associate editor, Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics
  • Editorial board, International Journal of Drug Policy.


Areas of expertise

  • Cycling history
  • Drugs & alcohol
  • Drugs in society
  • Drugs in sport
  • e-Health
  • e-research
  • Ethics
  • Health policy
  • Public health
  • Research ethics

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 5315


Refereed journal articles

Snoek, A., Fry, C.L. (2015), Lessons in biopolitics and agency: Agamben on addiction. The New Bioethics21(2), 128-141.

Spriggs, M., Fry, C.L. (2015), Clarifying ethical responsibilities in paediatric biobankingAmerican Journal of Bioethics – Empirical Bioethics.

Barnett, A., Fry, C.L. (2015), The clinical impact of the brain disease model of alcohol and drug addiction: Exploring the attitudes of community-based AOD clinicians in Australia. Neuroethics. DOI 10.1007/s12152-015-9236-5.

Dietze, P., Horyniak, D., Agius, P., Munir, V., Smit, deV., Johnston, J., Fry, C.L., Degenhardt, L. (2014), Effect of intubation of γ-hydroxy butyrate (GHB) overdose on key patient outcomes in the emergency department. Academic Emergency Medicine21: 1226-1231.

Fry, C.L., Spriggs, M., Arnold, M., Pearce, C. (2014), Unresolved ethical challenges for the Australian personally controlled electronic health record system: Key informant interview findings. American Journal of Bioethics – Empirical Bioethics5(4), 30-36.

Refereed chapters

Fry, C.L. (2015), 'The history of cycling in Victoria'. In: D. Nadel & G. Ryan (Eds.), History of Sport in Victoria. Melbourne: Australian Society for Sports History, pp. 67-75.

Fry, C., Hemphill, D. (2014), 'Unofficial rules of the Tour de France matter most'. In: The Conversation (Ed.), 2014: A year in the life of Australia. Sydney: Future Leaders, pp. 200-04.

Fry, C.L., Buchman, D.Z. (2011), 'Toward a lay descriptive account of identity in addiction neuroethics'. In: A. Carter, W. Hall, & J. Illes (Eds.), Addiction Neuroethics – The Ethics of Addiction Neuroscience Research and Treatment. London: Elsevier, pp. 175-193.

Fry, C.L., Cvetkovski, S. (2010), 'Regulation of drugs and drug use: public health and law enforcement'. In: V. Patel, A. Woodward, V.L. Feigin, H.K. Heggenhougen, & S. Qua (Eds.), Mental and Neurological Public Health: A Global Perspective. Section 3 – Public Health Policy and Practice. Elsevier, pp. 479-483.

Fry, C.L., (2010), 'What is harm reduction? An ethical perspective. In: T Rhodes (Ed.), Harm Reduction: Evidence, Impacts and Challenges. European Monitoring Center on Drugs and Drug Addiction, Scientific Monograph. Lisbon: EMCDDA, European Union, pp. 104-108.

Research grants

2014: VU Out of Cycle Collaborative Grants Scheme. Dwyer R, Dietze P, Fry C, Kerr D. Evaluation of the take-home naloxone distribution initiatives in Victoria.

2015-16: VU Research Infrastructure Grants 2012. Grossman M, Fry C, Schutt S. Maximising the potential of the Social Technologies Lab through technical support and maintenance.

2013-14: VU Near Miss Grant Scheme. Fry C, Kerr D, Grossman M. Understanding and responding to alcohol and other drug use and harms in Melbourne’s Western Metropolitan region.

2014: VU Central Research Grants Scheme. McCann T, Boardman G, Lubman D, Best D, Fry C. Bridging the gap: Exploring the experience and professional service needs of key family members of adults with substance use problems.

2014: VU Central Research Grants Scheme. Fry C, Kerr D. Investigating methamphetamine use and harms in the Western Region of Melbourne.

2013-14: VU, College of Arts, Research Initiatives Scheme 2013-14. De Solier I, Fry C, Grossman M. The taste of wellbeing: Community, policymaker, and health professionals’ perspectives on African-Australian food cultures and wellbeing.

2013-14: VU, College of Arts, Research Initiatives Scheme 2013-14. Dwyer N, C-Scott M, Fry C. Empowering trust in health communications across media platforms.

2014-15: Medicare Local (Macedon Ranges and North Western Melbourne). McAinch A, Krassie J, Stojanovska L, Polman R, van Uffelen J, Fry C. Prevention and management of chronic disease via Meals on Wheels.

2011-14: NHMRC Population Health Career Development Award Level 1 (APP1010390). Fry C. Ethical guidelines and resources for e-health research and practice.

2010-13: ARC Discovery Project (DP1094144). Kennett J, Fry C, Matthews S. Addiction, moral identity and moral agency: Integrating theoretical and empirical approaches.

Research grants

Associate Professor Fry’s research has been funded through the following sources:

  • United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention
  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Australian Research Council
  • VicHealth
  • Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care
  • Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
  • National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund
  • National Illicit Drug Strategy
  • Medicare Local (Macedon Ranges and North Western Melbourne)
  • Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation
  • Victoria University
  • Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
  • Monash University
  • North Western Metropolitan Integrated Pharmacotherapy Network
  • Cohealth
  • Salvation Army Crisis Services
  • Victorian Premier’s Drug Prevention Council
  • City of Melbourne.

Teaching responsibilities

Completions: Four Honours students (all H1), one PhD student (H1), three Master of Arts students (all H1)

Current supervision: Primary supervision of one PhD student and co-supervision of four PhD students.

Professional memberships

  • VU Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Deputy Chair and College Leader, VU Low Risk Human Research Ethics Committee

Appearances in the media

Associate Professor Fry writes regular opinion and other pieces for Cycling TipsThe Conversation and The Age.

He is VU’s only Columnist on The Conversation – writing about the past, present and future of cycling. His articles to date have been read by more than 204,000 people world-wide.