In the past, Claire has worked as an academic, researcher, educator and senior administrator. Most recently, she was invited back to Victoria University (VU) to develop and establish the Victoria Institute for Education, Diversity and Lifelong Learning (previously also known as IDEAS).

Over the past few years, Claire has worked extensively in senior management and high level executive advisory roles in government and education settings.

She has experience in high level policy development and analysis and strategic change management. She is experienced with building strong stakeholder relationships that link local, state and federal governments and their agencies with tertiary, school, industry and community providers.

In 2006, Claire was seconded to establish a new area of Student Retention and Support at Edith Cowan University. She amalgamated several areas of academic and student engagement and support that had previously worked in discrete silos.
Her most recent research focus was in in student experience and engagement, working with students at risk and improving access and achievement from schools to tertiary settings.

Previous research includes early work in developing professional teaching standards in an Australia context. Subsequent research work has focused on the use of video and online learning technologies to reconceptualise pedagogy and curriculum, and use of video to exemplify and evaluate aspects of teaching standards.

Claire was Chief Investigator for the online delivery of the findings and video component of the effective early years literacy teaching research project, In Teachers' Hands.

Areas of expertise

  • Access to education
  • Social Justice
  • Student engagement
  • student retention
  • Student support
  • Students at risk
  • Teacher Education
Claire Brown

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