Ayman Ibaida received his PhD degree in computer science and IT from RMIT University, Australia in 2014.

He started his career as a lecturer in Computer College, Dubai, between 2006 and 2009. He was Technical lead at AgilePQ Australia Ltd and a Cofounder of EyeCura Pty Ltd.

Ayman currently is a lecturer at Victoria University. His research interests include AI and machine learning in biomedical applications, diagnoses, and patient health records security as well as cyber security in healthcare systems.

Areas of expertise

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Privacy preservation
  • Deep learning
  • Healthcare applications
Ayman Ibaida, College of Engineering and Science, Information Technology

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 5136

Teaching responsibilities


Course Chair of Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional)


NIT2202 Big Data

NIT5082 Cloud Security


Co-supervision of 1 masters student


Ibaida, Ayman, Khalil, Ibrahim (2013) Wavelet-based ECG steganography for protecting patient confidential information in point-of-care systems. IEEE Transactions on biomedical engineering 60, 12, 3322-3330

Ibaida, Ayman, Al-Shammary, Dhiah, Khalil, Ibrahim (2014) Cloud enabled fractal based ECG compression in wireless body sensor networks. Future Generation Computer Systems, 35, 91-101

Forkan, Abdur, Rahim Mohammad, Khalil, Ibrahim, Ibaida, Ayman, Tari, Zahir (2015) BDCaM: Big data for context-aware monitoring—A personalized knowledge discovery framework for assisted healthcare. IEEE transactions on cloud computing 5, 4, 628-641

Abuadbba, Alsharif, Khalil, Ibrahim, Ibaida, Ayman, Atiquzzaman, Mohammed (2016) Resilient to shared spectrum noise scheme for protecting cognitive radio smart grid readings − BCH based steganographic approach. Ad hoc networks 41, 30-46

Abuadbba, Sharif, Ibaida, Ayman, Khalil, Ibrahim (2019) IoTSign: Protecting Privacy and Authenticity of IoT using Discrete Cosine Based Steganography. arXiv preprint, arXiv:1911.00604

Abuadbba, Sharif, Ibaida, Ayman, Khalil, Ibrahim, Chilamkurti, Naveen, Nepal, Surya, Yu, Xinghuo (2020) Can the Multi-Incoming Smart Meter Compressed Streams be Re-Compressed?. arXiv preprint, arXiv:2006.03208

Ibaida, Ayman, Abuadbba, Alsharif, Chilamkurti, Naveen (2021) Privacy-preserving compression model for efficient IoMT ECG sharing. Computer Communications, 166 1-Aug


Professional memberships

IEEE member

Industry experience

  • Team Lead in AgilePQ USA 2014-2018
  • CoFounder of EyeCura 2018-present

Appearances in the media

Lily Hay Newman (2013) Hiding Data in a Heartbeat. IEEE Spectrum