Dr Angela Fones started her academic pursuits with a Master's degree in Biotechnology from Durham University, England. Upon returning to her homeland of Singapore, she worked in a start-up Biotechnology Company. Her discovery of a novel antigen led to work to optimise its production and purification. Mass production of the recombinant protein and further testing enabled the production of a recombinant ELISA diagnostic kit for the early detection of nose cancer. This kit was commercialised and Dr Fones received a PhD for her innovative research and work.

Dr Fones was then approached to join a team of pioneers to set up the new Diploma of Biotechnology in Temasek Polytechnic. This project involved fitting and equipping the laboratories, planning the curriculum, and developing new practicals, lectures and tutorials through the inquiry-based learning model for the 3-year course.  

After seeing her successful first batch of students through, a few of which subsequently kept in touch and continued on to complete their PhDs, she migrated to Australia where she conducted postdoctoral research in the Microbiology laboratories of Monash University. However, her continuing interest in education and multimedia led her to further her studies with a Graduate Diploma in Education at Monash University and a Graduate Certificate in Multimedia at Victoria University.

In her current capacity as Project Coordinator - Research, Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (CCD), Dr Fones combines her previous interests and expertise through research communications and data management.


Refereed journal articles

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Areas of expertise

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Clinical research and development
  • Database Development and Design
  • Education and teaching
  • Multimedia and communications

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 9277