Andrew is a lecturer within the First Year College. He has been involved in first year programs for 25 years, firstly as unit coordinator and lecturer in the Business Information Systems Unit, then latterly in the suite of Business Challenge Units as co-ordinator and lecturer.

The Business Challenge units focus on critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative learning as well as development of the student’s career progression.

Andrew has co-ordinated and managed large teams of sessionals and delivery of this first year unit in Sunway, Sydney and Liaoning. He has delivered other undergraduate and postgraduate units in all Business College off-shore sites.

Andrew has authored or co-authored over 50 journal or conference papers, but more recently has sought to apply research in to his teaching role. An example of this is the implementation and adaption of Michaelson’s Ready Assurance Process into the first year Business Challenge Unit.

Andrew has had a life long association with VU, firstly as a student at FIT, secondly as a parent of an FIT student and finally as an employee of FIT/VU for over 25 years.

Areas of expertise

  • Blended learning techniques and approaches
  • Enterprise planning systems implementation
  • Transition to higher education
 Andrew Stein

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 4332


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Conference presentations

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Research grants

Tourism Scoping Study, 2005, entitled Benchmarking Location Based Systems, will explore the current state-of-the-art in location based systems (LBS) in the Australian tourism industry. The aim is to identify key players, current trends and key areas for development, which will provide the foundations for future projects in mobility and sustainable tourism for this team and others. The initiative is a joint Monash/Victoria University/University of Queensland endeavour. Linda Dawson a co-team leader for Monash. Funding of $40000 has been awarded for research assistance, focus groups and team workshops.

Certification & Information System Curriculum, Collaborative Research Scheme 2003, Nikakis Con, Stein Andrew, Jovanovic Rob , totalling $2500

ERP Systems Consolidation, Collaborative Research Scheme 2003, Hawking Paul, Stein Andrew, McGrath Mike, $5000