Professor Alfonso Jimenez was the inaugural Deputy Dean of the College of Sport & Exercise Science at VU for a year (2012-2013). As a recognition of his contribution to the development of the strategic vision for the College and the University, he was conferred the honorary title of Visiting Professor.

In September 2013 Professor Jimenez took up the position of Dean of the School of Sports Science at European University of Madrid (Spain).

In his current visiting role at VU he is:

  • Chair of Fitness Australia Research Program – Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Chair of the Advisory Committee of the VU Active Living Strategy and Plan
  • Senior Advisor to the Clinical Exercise Program.

At the same time, Professor Jimenez is leading the strategic partnership of VU with the European University of Madrid for the development of research projects, student and staff mobility and joint-degree projects.

In the 3 years prior to joining VU, Professor Jimenez held a professorial position at the University of Greenwich. He also served as Head of the Centre for Sports Sciences & Human Performance at Greenwich. Prior to this he spent ten years as Titular Professor of Exercise Science and Head of Department at the European University of Madrid.

From 2009 to 2012 Professor Jimenez was the elected Chairman of the Standards Council at the European Health & Fitness Association. He was awarded Honorary Membership of the Association in recognition of his outstanding service.

His background prior to entering academia centred on work in the fitness industry in management, research and sales.

He has held senior executive roles with companies such as Reebok Sports Club/Madrid, Madrid's Athletics Community Stadium and Palestra. He was briefly Sales & Marketing Manager at Reebok Fitness Professional Division Company for Spain and Portugal. He's also held a role as Research Director at the Image Institute (Image Fitness Systems company) in Spain.

During his career he has served as an advisor and consultant for different projects, companies and institutions, including:

  • Governments (Madrid's Regional Government, Galicia's Regional Government, Catalonia's Regional Government)
  • international companies (Reebok International, Technogym, Power Plate International)
  • professional bodies (NSCA Certification Commission, US)
  • industry bodies (European Health & Fitness Association, Fitness Industry Association of UK, FNEID of Spain)
  • health-care providers (BUPA and Sanitas, brand of BUPA in Spain, Global Health, SPE, USP Hospitals)
  • fitness clubs operators (Reebok Sports Clubs, Fitness First, PaideSport, Holmes Place, Duets).


  • Fellow status at the Leadership Foundation of Higher Education of UK (2013)
  • University of Greenwich Professorial Merit Award for outstanding contribution (2011)
  • Award of Appreciation (Silver Level) from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (2009)
  • The XVth Spanish National Exercise & Sports Research Awards to the Best PhD Dissertation Manuscript (Biomedical Sciences Section, 2003)
  • National Award in Sports Quality, Sports Quality International (1995).

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

  • NACLERIO, F., FAIGENBAUM, A., LARUMBRE, E., GOSS-SAMPSON, M.A., BILBAO, T., JIMENEZ, A., BEEDIE, C. Effects of a low volume injury prevention program on the hamstring torque angle relationship. Research in Sports Medicine, 2013; 21:3, 253-263.
  • COOPER R, NACLERIO F, LARUMBE-ZABALA E, CHASSIN L, ALLGROVE J, JIMENEZ A. Effects of a Carbohydrate-Protein-Creatine Supplement on Strength Performance and Body Composition in Recreationally Trained Young Men. JEPonline 2013; 16(1):72-85.   
  • ROBBINS, D., ZEINSTRA, E., JIMENEZ, A., GOSS-SAMPSON, M. Does Whole Body Vibration have Clinically Significant Neuro-physiological and Neurovascular Implications? International Journal of Prevention and Treatment 2012, 1(2): 18-26. (DOI: 10.5923/j.ijpt.20120102.01).
  • COOPER, R., NACLERIO, F., ALLGROVE, J., JIMENEZ, A. Creatine Supplementation with Specific View to Exercise/Sports Performance: an update. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2012, 9: 33(doi: 10.1186/1550-2783-9-33).
  • FILINGERI, D., JEMNI, M., BIANCO, A., ZEINSTRA, E., JIMENEZ, A. The effects of vibration during maximal graded cycling exercise: a pilot study. Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, 11, 423-429, 2012.
  • ROBBINS, D., ELWELL, C., JIMENEZ, A., GOSS-SAMPSON, M. (2012) Localised Muscle Tissue Oxygenation During Dynamic Exercise With Whole Body Vibration. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 11, 346-351, 2012.
  • IGLESIAS-SOLER, E., CARBALLEIRA, E., SANCHEZ-OTERO, T., MAYO, X., JIMENEZ, A., CHAPMAN, M. Acute effects of distribution of rest between repetitions. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 33: 351-358, 2012.


  • JIMENEZ, A., GARCIA, O. Actividad Fisica y Ejercicio, una inversion segura. Editorial Universidad Europea de Madrid-Sanitas, Catedra de Investigacion Sanitas Wellbeing-UEM, Madrid, 2011. ISBN: 978-84-95433-51-0.
  • JIMÉNEZ, A., GARATACHEA, N. Alta Tensión. Eludiendo la Hipertensión con planes de Actividad Física y Ejercicio. Editorial Dirección General de Deportes, Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid, 2009. ISBN: 978-84-451-3226-5.
  • JIMÉNEZ, A. (Editor). Nuevas dimensiones en el entrenamiento de la fuerza: Aplicación de nuevos métodos, recursos y tecnologías. Editorial INDE, Barcelona, 2008. ISBN: 978-84-87330-89-6.
  • JIMÉNEZ, A. (Editor) Avances en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte: Entrenamiento de Fuerza. Editorial ADEMAS, S.L. UEM, Madrid, 2007. ISBN: 978-84-935468-2-3.
  • JIMÉNEZ, A., ATERO, C. (Editors) International Conference on Physical Activity & Health. Book of Abstracts. Editorial Dirección General de Promoción Deportiva, Consejería de Deportes, Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid, 2008.

Conference presentations

Professor Jimenez has presented at more than 200 seminars, conferences and lectures in 18 different countries.

  • Keynote open session "Exercise in the Elderly: and Update on Current Evidences" International Symposium on Healthy Ageing, La Plata (Argentina), 20th of April 2012.
  • Keynote session "Behavioral change and motivations to engage on an active lifestyle in the Elderly" International Symposium on Healthy Ageing, La Plata (Argentina), 20th of April 2012.
  • Special Lecture (Workshops Programme) "Clinical Exercise for type 2 diabetes". UK Sports Medicine Annual Conference, London Excel, 24th of November 2011.
  • Special Seminar MBA Sports Management Real Madrid International School, "Olympic Plans and Development at the University of Greenwich: Official Venue for Olympic and Paraolympic Games", University of Greenwich, 21st of November 2011.
  • Keynote session "EHFA Standards dissemination and implementation Strategy" at the 2nd International Standards Meeting. IV European Health & Fitness Summit. (EHFA), Brussels, 8th November 2011.

Research outputs and inputs


9 books, 29 book chapters, 40 peer-reviewed papers

Invited Presentations

  • 150 scientific contributions presented at national and international Conferences and Congresses
  • more than 200 seminars, conferences and lectures in 18 different countries

Postgraduate research students and fellows

  • Completions: 10 Honours students, 8 MSc students, 7 PhD students
  • Currently co-supervising PhD students at the University of Greenwich (Steve Mann), Polytechnic University of Madrid (Juan R. Merino), and the University of A Coruna (Adrian Casas).

Research Grants

Professor Jimenez has lead and managed as principal investigator 25 competitive research projects with a total funding allocation of about AU$1 million.

  • 2012 - Worksite Health Promotion; Physical Activity, Exercise & Health Promotion at the workplace project. Consultancy contract for BUPA Corporate Services. Ref: G (Funded £1,100).
  • 2011 - Development of the Fitness Industry Association Research Institute at the University of Greenwich. Research project funded by FIA partners, including PhD student funding support. Ref: G8153 (Funded £90,000, plus £45,000, Total funding: £135,000).
  • 2011 - Validation of a new textile fabric to improve sports performance and power. One Touch Ltd. Ref: G8160 (Funded £19,900).
  • 2011 - Exercise in Metabolic Disorders Project. Postdoctoral research fellow supported by the RAE 2011 Internal funding programme of the University of Greenwich. Ref: (Funded £24,300).
  • 2011 - Evidence-based structured exercise interventions in chronic diseases: Development of an Intervention Guide. Technogym International Research Department. Ref: G8142 (Funded £7,500).

Professional accreditations & recognition

  • Professional accreditations and certifications, as CSCS and NSCA-CPT (both Recertified with Distinction)
  • Honorary Membership in the European Health & Fitness Association
  • International member of the ACSM (ID: 605262)
  • Certified member of the NSCA (ID: 03-07-22-031), the ECSS (European College of Sports Sciences; ID: BLG1193), BASES (British Association for Sports & Exercise Sciences, ID: 32029), and the MFA (Medical Fitness Association).

Appearances in the media

  • Special interview for the January 2012 issue of Health Club Management, the leading professional journal of the Health & Fitness Industry in UK and Europe.

Areas of expertise

  • Clinical exercise (metabolic disorders)
  • Exercise prescription for health and disease
  • Leadership and organisational development
  • Physical activity and health
  • Worksite health promotion

Contact details