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  1. Anona Armstrong AM

    Corporate governance, Ethics, Evaluation

    Anona Armstrong

    Professor Anona Armstrong is an expert in corporate governance, evaluation and ethics. She has a PhD in evaluation, policy analysis and applied organisation psychology. Anona has 10 years experience consulting to public and private sector clients, industry and teaching experience, as well as research supervision. She is Director of Sir Zelman Cowen Centre in the Victoria Law School.
  2. Rob Aughey

    Altitude training, Australian Rules Football (AFL), fitness and injury, sports physiology

    Rob Aughey

    Associate Professor Rob Aughey is the senior sport scientist at the Western Bulldogs Football Club. He undertakes research into the physiology of football, including optimising warm-ups, measuring physical performance through micro-technology, enhanced recovery practices, measuring fatigue after matches, and interventions such as altitude or supplement use.
  3. Richard Baka

    Fitness/Personal Training, International Sport and International Exchange Programs, Olympics, Sport Policy

    Richard Baka

    Dr Richard Baka specialises in sport and culture, especially Olympic studies, comparative/international sport, sport management and sport history. His area of expertise includes mega sports events, international sport and fitness. Richard has had major public speaking engagements, lectured around the world and was previously a fitness columnist for the Melbourne Age and Herald-Sun newspapers.
  4. Kevin Ball

    Kicking biomechanics in Australian football, rugby codes and soccer, Kicking skill acquisition and decision making, Performance analysis in team sports, The link between biomechanics and skill acquisition

    Dr Kevin Ball

    Dr Kevin Ball's areas of expertise and research interests include kicking biomechanics/skill acquisition, golf and feedback of biomechanical data to athletes. Kevin was previously a biomechanist at the Australian Institute of Sport, assistant coach at Fremantle Football Club and currently consults as a specialist kick coach internationally.
  5. David Bishop

    effects of training on mitochondria (the energy producers in our cells), effects of “lactic acid” on performance and adaptations to training, Optimising team sport performance (especially Repeated-Sprint Ability), Optimising training (including the influence of genes and nutrition), Sport science

    David Bishop

    Professor David Bishop’s areas of expertise include training for team sports and the effects of lactic acid on performance and adaptations to training. He has professional experience working with elite athletes and teams.

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