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Course essentials

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The Master of Accounting is aimed at those with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in accounting who want the choice of subjects for their continuing professional education.

This course will help you to:

  • reflect on the theory to help achieve an effective accounting practice. 
  • critically apply knowledge in decision making for emerging professional accounting contexts
  • communicate effectively with audiences including diverse communities, business and other professional organisations.


This course equips you for a career in the fields of:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Banking and
  • Finance.

Employment opportunities cover a variety of roles in public accounting practice, commercial, and government organisations

Study pathways

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Credit for skills and past study

If you have completed study with another university or institution and believe you are eligible to receive credit for skills and past study, you can apply for advanced standing.

Applications for advanced standing can be made after a discussion with your course coordinator or academic adviser.

Course objectives

On successful completion of this course, working independently or in collaborative groups, graduates will be able to:

  1. Critically reflect upon theoretical approaches and analyse their application to achieve effective accounting practice.
  2. Justify and interpret theoretical propositions and related bodies of knowledge to critically evaluate the resolution of business problems and make recommendations/recommend actions in authentic/contemporary business settings
  3. Critically apply cross disciplinary knowledge in decision making with creativity for emerging professional accounting contexts.
  4. Demonstrate accountability in autonomous and collaborative judgements and innovative strategic thinking in response to contemporary and future business/ accounting/ professional challenges
  5. Work as a reflective practitioner to formulate, implement and evaluate industry- specific investigations to resolve complex professional problems and inform management decision making
  6. Communicate effectively to specialist and non- specialist audiences including multi-disciplinary teams, diverse cultural communities and business and other professional organisations
  7. Exemplify initiative and inspirational leadership in a dynamic 21st century work environment, acting consistently, ethically and socially responsibly
  8. Plan and execute a substantial research based project or evidence-based capstone activity - informing effective accounting practice to generate and evaluate complex ideas and concepts at abstract and practical levels.

Units and electives

To attain the award of Master of Accounting, students must successfully complete the following:

  • 24 credit points (equivalent to 2 units) foundation units
  • 84 credit points (equivalent to 7 units) specialisation units

Plus either / or


  • 12 credit points (equivalent to 1 unit) minor thesis unit; and,
  • 24 credit points (equivalent to 2 units) thesis unit.


  • 12 credit points (equivalent to 1 unit) capstone unit; and,
  • 24 credit points (equivalent to 2 units) elective units. Students to select from any postgraduate units from the list below (subject to availability). Please check any pre-requisite requirements prior to enrolling.

Year 1, Semester 1

Year 1, Semester 2





12 credit points (equivalent to 1 unit) elective unit. Students to select from any postgraduate units from the list below (subject to availability). Please check any pre-requisite requirements prior to enrolling.

Year 2, Semester 1






12 credit points (equivalent to 1 unit) elective unit. Students to select from any postgraduate units from the list below (subject to availability). Please check any pre-requisite requirements prior to enrolling.

Elective units

Subject to availability. Please check any pre-requisite requirements prior to enrolling.

Admission information

  • Mature: To qualify for admission to the course an applicant must have completed an accounting AQF7 (Bachelor) degree.

How to apply for this course

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