Bachelor of Engineering (Architectural Engineering)

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Become an Architectural Engineer and work with architects to design the structural or services systems of modern buildings.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Architectural Engineering) teaches you the processes behind making safe buildings, with an emphasis on sustainable design concepts. You will specialise in the planning, design and construction of:

  • building environmental control
  • life safety systems or
  • building structural systems

Gain hands-on experience and problem-solving skills working on projects in the workplace. Areas of study include:

  • architectural history and design of buildings
  • air conditioning, lighting and electrical power distribution
  • water supply and distribution
  • fire and life safety systems
  • sustainable building systems design
  • building structures and building construction technology.

VU is the only university in Australia to offer Architectural Engineering and receive full accreditation from Engineers Australia.

Graduate with Honours

The Bachelor of Engineering (Architectural Engineering) is a Degree with Honours Program.

Offered concurrently with the fourth year of the ordinary Bachelor of the Engineering program, students who receive high academic scores can graduate with honours without needing to complete an additional year of study.

Eligibility criteria are outlined in Units & Electives below.

Course essentials


As an accredited architectural engineering graduate with both design and engineering skills, you will make up a small, specialised group of engineers. With an increasing need for sustainable buildings, you will be in high demand, designing the systems that make modern buildings a safe and comfortable place to live and work.

Job titles

  • Design engineer
  • Building services engineer
  • Hydraulic engineer
  • Estimator
  • Structural engineer

Organisations employing architectural engineering graduates

Graduates work closely with architects and can find employment within architecture, engineering and construction firms.


The average salary for engineering graduates four months after completing their degree is A$56,000 (Graduate Careers Australia).

Once your career gets going, engineering professionals have an average annual salary of A$83,460 (Job Outlook).

Employment rates

With only two accredited architectural engineering programs in Australia, demand is very high for the limited number of graduates with both engineering skills and architectural knowledge.

Partnerships and placements

Students are required to complete 12 weeks of industry placement. They also have the opportunity to study for six months at the University of Nebraska in Omaha, home to some of the largest architecture, engineering and construction firms in the United States.

Dynamic learning

Students work on real-world engineering problems all the way through their study as part of VU’s Problem Based Learning approach.

Course objectives

The objectives of the course are to produce graduates who:

  • have a solid foundation of scientific, engineering and project management knowledge;
  • have a broad appreciation of building technology and construction techniques;
  • can offer specialised ability to design building structures in steel, concrete and timber; or specialised design skills in environmental services systems including lighting, electrical power, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply distribution and fire protection/life safety systems;
  • can develop creative, practical and sustainable solutions for the design of building structural or building services systems;
  • can manage people, finances and resources for building projects;
  • can communicate appropriately and effectively in different modes with different audiences;
  • can work independently and collaboratively;
  • can understand community needs in the context of societal aspirations and expectations for sustainability and the built environment;
  • have both the skills and motivation to continue learning as professionals; and
  • are work-ready and thus attractive to prospective employers in the building design industry.

Architectural Engineering at Victoria University is the first program in Architectural Engineering in Australia to receive full accreditation from Engineers Australia.

Units and electives

The Bachelor of Engineering (Architectural Engineering) is a 384 credit point degree.

Year 1, Semester 1

Year 1, Semester 2

Year 2, Semester 1

Year 2, Semester 2

Year 3, Semester 1

Structures stream

Services stream

Year 3, Semester 2

Structures stream

Services stream

Year 4, Semester 1

Structures stream

Services stream

Year 4, Semester 2

Structures stream

Services stream

Industrial Experience

Candidates applying for the award of Bachelor of Engineering (Architectural Engineering) must ensure that they have submitted for approval, evidence of having undertaken a minimum of 12 weeks industrial experience relevant to the course to satisfy Engineers Australia requirements.

Degree with Honours Program

A Degree with Honours Program is offered concurrently with the fourth year of the ordinary Bachelor of the Engineering program.

To be eligible for consideration for a degree with honours a student will:
(a) have achieved a minimum weighted average of 60% over year levels 1 to 3;
(b) not have repeated a Unit of Study throughout year levels 2 to 3;
(c) not have been granted more than one conceded pass throughout the duration of the course; and
(d) discretion to award honours grading that do not meet criteria above will rest with the Course Coordinator.

Eligibility for admission to a degree with honours will be determined at the end of year level 3 for students who are enrolled on a full time basis or, a part time basis or, who have transferred into the course with exemptions.

The level of awarded honours will be determined by the hour weighted average for year level 4.

The following grading will apply:
H1 First Class honours 80-100
H2A Second Class Honours, Upper 70-79
H2B Second Class Honours, Lower 60-69
P Pass 50-59

Admission information

  • TAFE: Students with a suitable VET qualification can apply for admission in the normal manner.
  • Year 12: Units 3 and 4 - a study score of at least 25 in English (ESL) or 20 in any other English AND in Mathematical methods (CAS) or specialist mathematics. Persons transferring from other courses or having overseas or other entrance qualifications of at least equivalent standard should apply for admission in the normal manner.
  • International: Full-fee paying international students must have qualifications which are equivalent to those listed above. In addition, they must provide evidence of proficiency in the English language: • IELTS - an overall band score of 6+ or equivalent, subject to individual profile.
  • Mature: Mature age students demonstrating equivalence to the above can apply in the normal manner.

How to apply for this course

Applications have closed for this course.

Please contact us directly:

  • Ring us on +61 3 9919 6100
  • Find answers and ask questions at GOTOVU

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