Hire or place a student

Join us in providing students with valuable workplace learning, through an arrangement that best suits you, such as

  • practical placements
  • industry and or community projects
  • cooperative education
  • internships

Alternatively, if you would like to advertise a job or recruit a graduate, then we can provide you with a range of services to help you connect with suitable graduates or current VU students nearing the end of their course, to promote your employment opportunities. 

In 'Hire or place a student':

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How it works

Students can work with your organisation in a variety of ways including:

  • practical placements - structured workplace learning practical placements that prepare students for the workplace in particular discipline areas. These placements are a component of many courses offered across the University. They help students take classroom learnings and put them into practice in a workplace setting eg nursing practical placements in hospitals or clinics.
  • industry or community organisation projects - individuals and groups of students undertake projects on behalf of organisations e.g. developing a database
  • cooperative education - students are employed full time by organisations to undertake work tasks or projects, e.g. a junior accountant
  • internships- students undertake short-term placements with an organisation to work on activities related to their course, e.g. Recreation student developing programs for a local municipality.

To find out which model of LiWC will best suit your organisational needs and circumstances, please complete the online LiWC enquiry form.

The Centre for Work Integrated Learning works with Business, and Law and Justice Colleges. It was designed to support and assist students in preparing for employment. Our coordinators work with employers to secure positions for registered students. We offer CV and interview workshops, networking advice, industry expos and more.

Benefits to industry and community organisations

Students can bring many benefits to your organisation, only some of which we've highlighted.

Access enthusiastic and skilled students

Enhance the capability of your organisation with students who have the latest skills and
knowledge. Our highly motivated students can bring fresh perspectives, new skills and
innovative ideas to apply to your organisation.

Preview future employees

Many organisations that take on our students go on to hire them permanently. This means
improved efficiency, and lower recruitment and training costs for your organisation. When you see our students perform in your workplace, you'll know whether they're the right fit for your organisation.

Become one of our partners

When you access our students, you become one of our educational partners, providing an
important contribution to academic programs that will shape our future graduates. We are
committed to supporting our partners and will be available to provide advice and assistance along the way. As a partner, we want this to be as valuable an experience for you as it is for our students.

Recruit a graduate

If you would like to advertise a job or recruit a graduate, then we can provide you with a range of services to help you connect with suitable graduates or current VU students nearing the end of their course, to promote your employment opportunities.

What employers are saying

Managing Director, Flexible Drive Agencies:

"We have endeavoured to align ourselves with educational institutions over many years but have been somewhat frustrated by the divide between industry and these facilities. We are fortunate that we have met people at VU who have made it far easier to close that gap. For FDA, I would say we have experienced a great benefit in facilitating two project teams from the University. The students have been keen to fulfil the tasks assigned and our people have also benefited from the interaction."

What students are saying

We receive a lot of positive feedback from our students after they've been on a placement.

Contact us

Complete an online form to register a 'Learning in the Workplace & Community' placement or project.

Advertise a job or volunteer opportunity on our CareerHub online jobs board.

For more information about Learning in the Workplace and Community and how your organisation can get involved, please contact Ms  Gaon Mitchell, Career Development & Employment

Ms Gaon Mitchell
Acting Director
Career Development and Employment

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