Housing & accommodation

Our Student Housing Service provides students with:

If you have any questions, you can make an online housing enquiry.

Our Housing advice video might help you decide what kind of housing option is right for you. Accommodation options include:

  • Victoria University halls and residences
  • shared housing
  • private rental
  • homestay
  • rooming houses (hostels).

In 'Housing & accommodation':

Housing advice workshops

Throughout the year we run a series of workshops to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

The Tenancy advice workshops will :

  • provide an opportunity to meet with a Housing Officer and discuss your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • be on 4 August, 10 August or 2 September (City Flinders campus)
  • be on 19 August (St Albans campus).

The Moving out & moving on workshops will:

  • cover giving notice to vacate, assigning your tenancy, cleaning, bond returns and cancelling utilities
  • be on 7 October (City Flinders campus)
  • be on 8 October (Footscray Park campus).

The Cost of living workshops will:

  • provide information and advice on the cost of living in Melbourne. Includes information on living and rental costs and tips for budgeting
  • be held on 22 July (City Flinders campus)
  • be held on 23 July (Footscray Park campus).