Thank you for registering your child to the Victoria University (VU) School Holiday Sports Program. By registering your child, you acknowledge that you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Terms & conditions

  1. I give permission for my child to participate in indoor and outdoor, sport and recreational land and water-based activities organised for the days my child will be attending the Program.
  2. If my child is attending after program care, I give permission for my child to participate in activities such as watching G/PG rated movies, playing G/PG video games, art and craft activities and reading books provided by VU.
  3. I agree to pay for all of the days my child is registered to attend (and not cancelled within the relevant time frame) regardless of whether my child actually attends.
  4. Any changes or cancellations to my child’s registration must be made at least seven days prior to the first day of the commencement of the Program. Any changes to the number of days my child will attend after this time will not result in a reduction of the fees, unless a medical certificate is provided in the instance that my child is unwell or injured and cannot participate.
  5. I confirm that I will collect my child at the designated finish time each day that they are attending the Program. Failure to collect my child on time will result in a late fee of $10 for every 15 minutes I am late. This late fee will be payable on the day it is incurred. If late fees have not been paid, I acknowledge that my child cannot attend any further days of the Program (and no refund will be due).
  6. I authorise VU and VU staff, in the event of accident or illness, to obtain all necessary medical
  7. I confirm that my child is physically able to participate in the activities organised for the days my child will be attending the Program.
  8. I acknowledge that I have provided all relevant information relating to my child’s allergies, medical concerns or behavioural issues (if any) in the registration form.
  9. I acknowledge that my child will not attend the Program if suffering from an infectious disease as defined by the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria.
  10. I authorise VU staff to apply sunscreen to my child (unless I have specifically notified VU otherwise).
  11. I agree to provide my child with lunch every day that my child is attending the program. I confirm that my child will not bring any food items that contain or have traces of nuts.
  12. I understand and have impressed on my child that they are required to take instruction from VU staff. If my child continuously demonstrates inappropriate behaviour or refuses to follow instructions given, I will be notified and my child may be removed from the activity, suspended for a period, or excluded permanently from the Program, at VU’s discretion. If this occurs I agree to come and collect my child
  13. I acknowledge that there are certain risks of injury which are inherent to sports and recreational activities organised as part of the Program. These may be minor or serious and may result from one’s own actions, or the actions of others, or a combination of both.
  14. I agree that VU does not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by any participant as a result of his or her participation in the Program due to any cause whatsoever, unless caused by the proven negligence of VU.
  15. I agree that my child will be grouped according to age, unless his or her abilities are assessed as above or below that of their peers, in which case they may be allocated to an alternate age group, as decided by VU.
  16. I acknowledge that if my child cannot complete the water survival challenge they will be required to wear a lifejacket at all times while in the water and may be restricted from participating in certain activities (the pool inflatable).
  17. I consent to my child having his or her photograph taken while participating in the Program, and his or her photograph being used in VU’s marketing and promotional material.
  18. VU is committed to the safety, wellbeing, participation and empowerment of children and young people in accordance with the Victorian Child Safe Standards. All reports of child safety concerns will be taken very seriously and consistently in accordance with the university policies and procedures. I acknowledge the prevention of child abuse or harm is the shared and collective responsibility of the VU community which includes staff, students, visitors and parents.
  19. I acknowledge that I am required to identify the responsible person picking up my child at the end of the program and the person identified will bring a form of identification such as a drivers license or passport.
  20. In the event of a COVID-19 lockdown and cancellation of programs, VU Sport will offer a full refund for any pre-payments for holiday programs. Alternatively a credit can be applied on the family account for a future program.