Part of VU's Sport Performance & Business program, the Sport Business, Policy and Integrity group looks to improve sport-business practices at an individual and organisational level.

We are committed to strengthening partnerships to solve problems faced by the sporting industry.

Sport Business, Policy & Integrity research

The overall aims of the Sport Business, Policy and Integrity research group are to achieve the following:

  • enhance sports capability in terms of the performance and integrity of individuals, practices and systems in sport organisations
  • facilitate multi‐disciplinary, cross‐college collaborations to address global or big‐picture, real‐world problems facing sport business
  • strengthen existing partnerships, and develop new partnerships, with government, community and industry to advance sport-business intelligence.

When we refer to 'sports capability', we are interested in addressing that capability in a range of sport-business–related areas:

  • achieving competitive advantage in local and global markets
  • effective and ethical management of resources and functions
  • ethical leadership and social responsibility
  • meeting or surpassing legal, professional and industry standards regarding competition fairness and participant safety
  • meeting community expectations around social inclusion and development.


Research students

  • Simon Bishop
  • Jie Fe
  • Michelle Fenwick
  • Giang Hong
  • Anthony Gabbert
  • Greg Gilbert
  • Muhammad Subhan Iswayhyudi
  • Claire Jenkin
  • Marina Keenan
  • Michael Linley
  • Aurelie Pankowiak
  • Sylvia Tran
  • Renato Ulpiano

Group leader Dennis Hemphill (left) advises on integrity and discrimination in sport; Hans Westerbek (right) is a past President of the Sport Management Association of Australia.

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