Communities & cultural diversity research

The 'communities & cultural diversity' research area offers educational programs and experiences that reflect key aspects of diversity, inclusion and social cohesion.

Bringing together work from our research programs, we conduct quality research and scholarship, forging collaborations among disciplines with similar interests and among community, government, industry, alumni, and international partners.

The aim is to facilitate advanced research in all aspects of evidenced-based teaching and research, through:

  • identifying key issues
  • addressing social challenges
  • designing models of community engagement 
  • evaluating programs and exploring sustainable program development alongside communities.

Research areas

  • Intercultural pedagogies
  • Social cohesion within Australian and international contexts
  • Intercultural communication practices in various discipline fields
  • Citizenship, multiculturalism and social cohesion in Australian and international contexts
  • Racism in various forms including Islamaphobia, harassment
  • Study of political ideologies including radicalisation, far right ideologies and hate groups
  • Inclusive teaching pedagogies and practices in local and international contexts
  • Youth justice system
  • Evaluations of aspects of school systems eg. eSmart Schools
  • Employment for specific groups eg. seniors, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Legal aspects of racial vilification and litigation
  • Use of social media
  • Mental health and wellbeing in children and adults
  • Settlement needs and responses of specific community groups (eg. refugees and asylum seekers, Muslim women)
  • The effects of war on children
  • Historical studies of settlement of various communities eg. Irish, Italian, Spanish
  • Gender and violence in Irish history
  • Cultural history and rules of Australian Football
  • Peace activism
  • Suffragette movement
  • Irish mythology from female perspective
  • Validation of law enforcement tools
  • Social services and responses to community needs (legal, financial literacy, family violence, wellbeing)
  • Literature and experiences of publication of Australia’s First People’s
  • Intercultural training models
African-Australian Bulldogs community

Staff & students

Our staff collaborate across research institutes, disciplines and centres. Read their biographies via the links.

Partners, funders & collaborators

We collaborate and partner with a number of high-profile government and private organisations and universities.