Change your VU Brisbane enrolment

If you wish to vary any part of your Victoria University (VU) Brisbane enrolment, you will need to complete the appropriate student forms. You can amend your enrolment without penalty until the Census Date.

The University has a legal responsibility to report any changes to your enrolment to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). This includes changes in your study load, and when you are no longer a student with the University.

If your enrolment at the University is reported to DHA, you will need to contact DHA directly to discuss your student visa options. Contact DHA for advice by calling 131 881 (within Australia).

Reduce study load

You can request to reduce your study load or overload in compassionate and compelling circumstances, such as:

  • You have an unusual course structure / unavailability of units / pre-requisite units not met.
  • You wish to withdraw from units recommended by College as part of an intervention strategy following an Academic Progress Hearing.
  • You are in your final semester and remaining units do not amount to 48 credit points.
  • You wish to withdraw from units or enrol in additional units for other compassionate or compelling reasons that are beyond the control of the student.

Apply to reduce your study load

Obtain approvals and submit your completed Reduced Study Load form according to the form submission advice.


Increasing your study load ('overloading') may also be an option if you need to make up for delayed progress through your course e.g. due to failing units.

Permission to overload during a regular study period (semester one or two) will not be granted if your college believes it could have a negative impact on your academic progress (e.g. where you are repeating failed units).


To add units of study to your enrolment, you need to obtain approvals and submit the relevant form.

Complete a Unit of Study Amendment form (add units only) according to the form submission advice.

Non-enrolment & withdrawal

Your student enrolment details must be finalised for each semester by the census date. If you withdraw from your course after this date, you will have to pay fees and there will be academic penalties.

Withdraw from your course

International students need to complete Course Discontinuation form. Please email Student Services Team at [email protected] if you wish to discontinue your course.

When you withdraw from your course, the University will notify the Department of Home Affairs that you are no longer a student of Victoria University by cancelling your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). This may lead to the cancellation of your visa. In this situation, you should contact the Department of Home Affairs as soon as possible on 131 881.

Failure to lodge a withdrawal application for a unit/s of study or the whole course before census date means you will be charged fees for all units you are enrolled in whether you have attended classes or not.

If you withdraw, you must do so at least ten days before the census date, to avoid fees and academic penalties.

Change your course preference

If you are an international student, and currently enrolled in a higher education course, you could submit another application online to apply for a different course at VU.

You need to make sure you continue to meet the conditions of your student visa. You should review the information about changing course on the Department of Home Affairs website for more information.


If you are an international student you must complete six months of your principal course before you can transfer to another registered provider (a ‘provider’ is a university, or private college registered to provide courses to international students).

If you have not completed six months of your course, your application to transfer may be refused.


If you find that the course you enrolled in is not right for you and wish to take up another course at Victoria University Brisbane, you may consider applying for a change of course.

Students currently enrolled in a VU course at any level, may make an internal application by submitting change of course application for another VU course.

Applicants must satisfy the entry requirements for the proposed course transfer.

Change of course requests can only be processed between results release date and commencement of a subsequent study session. Change of course is not permitted if a student has enrolled in a subsequent study period.

Deferring your course intake

Deferring your course intake is available only to commencing (new) students. If you intend to defer, you need to consider the following:

  • If your course is not available for commencing students in subsequent intakes, you may need to negotiate an alternative study option.
  • Applicants do not enrol before deferring. A deferment is a guarantee that the place of offer will be available for the applicant to enrol subject to course availability.

If you wish to defer your course, you are required to complete a Defer Your Studies/Change of Course Preference application and submit by email to [email protected] before your scheduled enrolment session.

Take leave of absence

In some limited circumstances, you may need time away from your studies. This is known as a leave of absence or intermission. We advise you to speak to your student welfare officer before you apply.

You may be able to apply for intermission if you have been affected by:

  • serious illness or injury
  • death of a close family member such as parents or grandparents, husband/wife or child
  • major political upheaval or natural disaster in your home country requiring emergency travel and which has affected your studies
  • traumatic experiences such as being involved in an accident or being the victim of a serious crime.

If you decide to apply, you must submit an Application for Intermission to a VU Sydney Student Welfare Officer with certified or original copies of any of the relevant supporting documents including your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and documents such as medical certificates.

Your application for intermission must be received by census date and must be approved by the Associate Director Students.

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) extensions

Some students may require an extension of their CoE. Applications for CoE extensions should be lodged as early as possible, up to 6 weeks before your student visa expires by completing an International Request for a Confirmation of Enrolment extension.