Re-enrolling in VU Brisbane courses

Find information about how to prepare and re-enrol in a VU Brisbane course, either online or in person, depending on the course you are studying. Take note of the important dates and seek assistance in person if you need to.

How to re-enrol online

You need to use Google Chrome as your web browser to be able to enrol online. You can download Google Chrome if you do not have it installed already.

Steps to re-enrol online

Follow these steps to re-enrol online.

  1. Access your academic transcript through MyVU (to confirm the units you have completed).
  2. Check your completed units against the course structure.
  3. Check the course timetable.
  4. Login to MyVU, and complete your online enrolment (if you are eligible to do so) - Navigate to Online Enrolment via MY Details > Online Enrolment >Proceed to Online Enrolment.
  5. Read and confirm that you agree with the Victoria University Students Declaration.
  6. Confirm and/or update your contact details, preferred name and name order.
  7. Confirm and/or update your postal, semester and home addresses.
  8. Confirm and complete any gaps in your statistical information.
  9. View and confirm the course you are studying.
  10. Undertake your unit selection based on your course plan. Your unit selections must be for Brisbane Campus only.
  11. Submit your online enrolment.

When undertaking your unit selection, you will not be able to save units with a status of “breach”. You must remove them to complete online enrolment.

Make sure you have received email Confirmation of Enrolment, otherwise you haven’t enrolled successfully.

If you need academic advice, or encounter any issues with your online enrolment you can send an email to [email protected] or visit the VU Brisbane Campus for assistance with your enrolment.

For Block students, you have 3 days at the start of every block to change your enrolment. You can make changes to your unit enrolment through MyVU: select My Course > Edit Enrolment to make the required changes.

For any changes to the enrolment after the 3-day period, please contact [email protected] .

You need to use Google Chrome as your web browser to be able to enrol online. You can download Google Chrome if you do not have it installed already.