About VBCI

The Victoria Business Confucius Institute (VBCI) is a collaboration between VU and the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing.

VU and University of International Business and Economics' (UIBE) long-standing exchange partnership dates back to 2002. The institutes co-established VBCI on November 26, 2015 to facilitate cultural and business exchange between the two universities and the two countries.

The VBCI is the first business Confucius Institute in Victoria, and the ninth Confucius Institute of  UIBE. The VBCI brings a unique business focus that complements other Confucius Institutes in Melbourne.

The VBCI is based at VU’s Footscray Park Campus.

Our people

Our team is dedicated to foster exchange between Australia and China, and contribute to VU in the community:

Chinese language & culture program

The VBCI hosts a number of events to promote Chinese culture and works with business, government, industry, educational and community partners to bring together Australian and Chinese people. We foster sharing and learning to create understandings around cultural differences.

We facilitate and host the following:

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Chinese-Australian business conections

The VBCI plays an important role in business-related Chinese teaching and knowledge-sharing in Victoria and across Australia.

VBCI reflects VU’s dedication to strong multicultural awareness, promoting Chinese business culture in Australia and fostering business relationships between the two countries.

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Engagement in Asia

VU is well positioned to successfully operate a business-oriented Confucius Institute, due to our commitment to the following ideas:

  • active engagement with Asia, particularly China
  • focus on relevant, practical, applied education, training and research.