GEMPACK software

GEMPACK (General Equilibrium Modelling PACKage) is a suite of economic modelling software developed at the Centre of Policy Studies.

Our modelling package is designed to solve computable general equilibrium (CGE) models and is used in over 400 other locations in 60 countries.

About the software

Some features of the GEMPACK software:

  • It enables modellers to solve very large systems of non-linear equations.
  • Once the model equations have been specified using an algebra-like notation, modellers are freed from the computing details of the solution process.
  • It calculates accurate solutions of the economic model.
  • All features (basic and advanced) are fully documented. Detailed instructions (including many hands-on examples) help new users to get started.
  • GEMPACK Windows programs help you visualise and explore code, data and results.
  • GEMPACK contains powerful capabilities for solving recursive-dynamic and fully-intertemporal models.
  • Prompt feedback is given when problems are reported.
  • It is effective as a teaching tool, for classroom use.
  • GEMPACK is continually improved by annual updates.