About the Centre

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The Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS) specialises in Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling.

We undertake academic/contract research and software development, conduct training courses in CGE modelling and offer graduate student supervision.

Our products & services

Our suite of Australian models includes several detailed, dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models of Australia, which have been used to analyse many economic policies, including changes in taxes, tariffs, environmental regulations and competition policy.

Our CGE simulations also underlie detailed forecasts of labour market demand and income distribution.

Our modelling relies on the GEMPACK software, developed at the unit, and used in over 400 other locations in 60 countries. We have taken our modelling techniques overseas, completing projects in South Africa, Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand, China and other countries.

We run several training courses in CGE modelling each year. These courses are aimed at those who need background in CGE modelling to work with results from existing CGE models, or who wish to use GEMPACK to build their own models.


A dynamic CGE model of Australia's states and territories, has been used for a wide range of applications including analyses of greenhouse issues. The latest version of the model has been used in the analysis of the Potential Benefits of the National Reform Agenda.

TERM (The Enormous Regional Model)
A highly disaggregated model of 57 Australian sub-state regions, is a useful tool for examining the impacts of shocks that affect specific regions, for example drought.

A 500 industry dynamic computable general equilibrium model of the US economy, is being developed in collaboration with the US International Trade Commission. A simpler single-country model called ORANI-G has been created as a pattern on which to base models of other countries.