Graduate studies

The Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS) has a fine tradition of graduate training. Students usually work on a research topic closely related to Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling.

We specialise in CGE modelling: a technique for forecasting and analysing policies taking account of the whole economy. It is about the macro economy, industries, occupations, regions, the environment and the distribution of income.

Study with CoPS

Space to work and computers are provided in CoPS' premises, and students are expected to attend daily. There is a team atmosphere in which students receive a comparatively large amount of personal attention. Nearly all complete their PhD successfully within three or four years.

Demand is strong for qualified CGE modellers, and CoPS graduates readily find jobs at universities and government departments dealing with a broad range of economic policies, or in private organisations, particularly economics consulting firms. The training we give our graduates in theory, computation, data and communication equips them for careers not only in modelling but more broadly in any policy-related role.

Apply for admission as a PhD candidate

CoPS is a research centre within the Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities at Victoria University, and offers a Doctoral degree (PhD).

To pursue a PhD at CoPS, you must apply for admission as a PhD candidate at Victoria University.

Our PhD students

Current PhD students gain their qualification through Victoria University.

Before moving to Victoria University, CoPS was located at Monash University.