TERM-USA is a multiregional economic model of the United States of America with extensive capabilities for a wide range of economic analysis.

You can purchase customised versions focusing on regions, sectors and occupations that meet your requirements.

TERM-USA features

TERM-USA features include:

  • a computable general equilibrium (CGE) framework capturing the behaviour of economic agents (producers, households, investors, importers/exporters and government) in US regions linked by interregional trade and economy-wide constraints (see documentation & literature)
  • an extensive list of regions, sectors and occupations allowing the purchaser to choose:
    • from 512 sectors and 70 regions
    • or from 120 sectors for 436 congressional districts.

TERM-USA is based on CoPS’ well-established TERM model, now used in many countries. TERM’s theoretical structure incorporates standard modelling of resource constraints and price-responsive behaviour. The model’s theory and database construction method are extensively documented in refereed journals and book chapters. Model purchasers are provided with clear operating manuals.

Uses of a TERM-USA model

TERM-USA is a powerful tool for short-run and long-run analysis of economic shocks affecting the US and its regions. The TERM-USA database relates to 2013, and is developed using detailed official national and regional statistics. Users of TERM-USA can assess the economic impacts on their own regions, other regions and the nation of new economic policies and events, such as:

  • major infrastructure/industrial projects
  • major events (e.g. hosting a championship event, or Olympics)
  • changes in state/national tax rates
  • changes in wages policy.

For more examples of policy applications, see Model applications.

Product choices & pricing

Prices for TERM-USA start at US$7500 for a standard package.

All packages come with easy-to-use software for conducting model simulations and analysing results.

For a free demonstration package, please fill in our enquiry form.

Our standard packages are the 'Two-region state model', 'Three-region sub-state model' and 'Two-region Congressional District model'.

Two-region state model

Three-region sub-state model

Two-region Congressional District model

  • Congressional District of interest, plus rest of USA
  • 64 sectors

Packages customized to suit your requirements may be requested. The regional, industrial and occupational aggregation can be chosen subject to the following limits. The limits are imposed to allow for reasonable computation time and solution stability. The work required to prepare an aggregation increases with size so more detailed aggregations are more expensive.

  • Up to 30 regions selected from a set of 70 regions.
  • Up to 80 industries selected from a set of 512 industries.
  • The number of regions multiplied by the number of industries must not exceed 400 (Regions X Industries <= 400).

For further information and a quote, please fill in our enquiry form.

Training & contract research services

The Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS) also delivers TERM-USA training courses and CGE contract research services.

CoPS expects to deliver a TERM-USA training course in North America. Check our upcoming training and events.

CoPS provides a full range of contract research policy analysis services using our suite of computable general equilibrium (CGE) models. Please contact us for details.

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