The Centre for International Research on Education Systems (CIRES) aims to investigate the origins and consequences of low achievement in education and to work with governments and education providers to improve opportunities and outcomes.


Our focus

The focus on low achievement is based on a values commitment. School should work well for all children because it is through school that young people gain access to society and in turn contribute to helping others. If school does not work well for children, their access to society is impaired and their capacity to help others is diminished.

Our work has a strong international focus with our researchers recognised internationally for their work on student and school outcomes. Our researchers have conducted research projects in every state and territory in Australia and every sector of education and training, and increasingly with researchers, schools and systems in other parts of the world.

Our researchers have publications in international refereed journals as well as books, monographs and research reports.

We place a strong emphasis on communicating work in accessible ways and have given many presentations of their research results in a wide variety of forums including:

  • workshops for education system staff, principals and teachers
  • keynote addresses
  • invited lectures
  • academic conferences
  • seminars. 

CIRES was established in 1993 at the University of Melbourne and moved to Victoria University in 2014.