The Business Chinese Test (BCT) is an international standardised test designed to assess the Chinese-language proficiency of non-native speakers engaged in business activities.

The BCT was developed by Peking University in association with the Hanban Institute, which issues the Business Chinese Test Certificate. The BCT assesses Chinese-language ability in a wide range of business-related situations, daily life and social interactions. 

The BCT is held for non-native speakers from beginners to advanced. There are no restrictions on the candidates’ age, education or time spent learning Chinese.

It consists of two relatively independent tests:

  • BCT (Listening & Reading)
  • BCT (Speaking & Writing).

Students may sit both tests at the same time.

BCT test purposes

BCT is a global test for institutions and individuals who want to assess business Chinese proficiency, including: 

  • employers assessing the business Chinese of their staff
  • teaching and training institutions assessing the business Chinese of candidates during recruitment
  • teaching and training institutions assessing class success 
  • job applicants providing evidence of business Chinese proficiency
  • Chinese learners seeking to improve their business Chinese ability.

BCT levels

BCT has five levels to describe the business Chinese proficiency of test takers:

  • Level 1: Incapable of communication in Chinese in business activities.
  • Level 2: Capable of basic communication in Chinese in business activities. 
  • Level 3: Capable of fairly effective communication in Chinese in business activities.
  • Level 4: Capable of fairly skilful communication in Chinese in business activities.
  • Level 5: Capable of appropriate communication in Chinese in business activities.

Exam registration & payment

Step 1: Registration

Register at the Hanban Chinese Test website.

Step 2: Payment

Cheques and cash are accepted only if received during office hours at the Confucius Institute: 

Level 10, Room 1057
300 Flinders Street
Victoria University
Vic 3000, Melbourne. 

Receipts will be given.

Payment must be received by the deadline date to sit the exam.

Step 3: Admission ticket

Print out your admission ticket from Hanban Chinese Test. The ticket will be available one week before the exam. You will need this to sit the exam.

Exam results

Exam results will be available on the Hanban Institute website one month after the exam. Your certificate will be posted out two months after the exam.