VBCI facilitates the international Chinese-language proficiency tests for non-native speakers of Chinese.

The tests are offered in two categories:

  • HSK language-proficiency tests: Mandarin for general use
  • Business Chinese Test: business-related Mandarin.

The tests are centralised and conducted by the Hanban Institute as a way of establishing the ability of non-native Chinese speakers for work or study.

The results of the HSK tests are recognised by Chinese education institutions as an indication of proficiency-level in Mandarin. Passing a particular level of the HSK tests is a pre-requisite for many scholarships and fellowships (check with your Chinese host institution).

We also offer support for the Chinese Bridge Competition. This competition allows students of Chinese language and culture to show their skills through speeches and Chinese-cultural talents such as dance. It offers a trip to China as a prize to its winners.