Victoria University staff and students can come to our free Mandarin Language Workshops, offered on different dates throughout the year (see below for more).

The VBCI also provides support for school programs; email [email protected] for information.

Chinese Language & Culture Program

The VBCI now offers a Chinese Language and Culture Program.

This is a non-award course which provides participants the opportunity to learn Mandarin and gain an overview of China's changing environment and current business practices.

The course includes:

  • three units on basic Chinese
  • three units on business Chinese
  • one unit of Chinese business language and culture.

Introductory Chinese-language workshops

Our introductory workshops are designed for those who have no prior knowledge of Chinese language.

If you are planning to travel to China for business or a holiday, they are an easy and practical way to get started.

The introductory language programs are taught in a series of five 45min workshops.

We are offering workshops in two categories:

  • Basic Chinese
  • Business Chinese

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of five Business Chinese or Basic Chinese workshops, you will:

  • have a basic understanding of Chinese language and its structure
  • be able to perform basic greetings and expressions for daily communication
  • have a sense of China’s traditional and contemporary culture
  • know the basic structure of Chinese characters and be able to recognise and write some simple Chinese characters.

VU staff and students are invited to attend free Mandarin classes in throughout the year.

Current classes

Victoria Business Confucius Institute has Chinese culture and Mandarin classes for anyone who is interested.

The current courses will take place between 3 and 31 August 2020, via Zoom.

Classes are offered once a week for five weeks:

  • Introductory level workshop for those who have no prior knowledge of Chinese language
    – Mondays in August, 1–1.45pm
  • Second level workshop for those who had finished the previous introductory Mandarin workshop or have basic Mandarin knowledge
    – Mondays in August, 2.30–3.15pm.

Daily tutorials will also take place from August 4 to August 28, four times a week from Tuesdays to Fridays.

  • Introductory level tutorial
    – Tuesday–Thursday language practice, Friday cultural learning, 4–28 August, 10–10.20am
  • Second level tutorial
    – Tuesday–Thursday language practice, Friday cultural learning, 4–28 August, 10.30–10.50am

Time and date may be adjusted according to the number of students.

Registrations are now closed.

Our teachers

Our professional teachers have masters degrees or above. We are native speakers of Chinese, and are young, passionate and knowledgeable, with a variety of practical teaching methods.

Register your interest

To find out more about the introductory workshops, use our registration form or contact [email protected].

Business-degree units

The university-level courses supported by VBCI have a practical focus on successfully conducting business in China.

VBCI draws on the expertise of both VU and the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in the curriculum development of business courses.

The courses are delivered by visiting professors from China and local staff.

Our current units, offered by VU and supported by VBCI, include:

We offer sponsored workshops to successful applicants in our tours and cultural programs.

Participants in our two-week China tours will be offered six hours of training in basic Mandarin and Chinese culture, provided free by the VBCI.

We also provide language coaching to Chinese Bridge Competition applicants. The Chinese Bridge Competition is a language and culture program that offers a chance to win a trip to China.