Infrastructure & built environment research

The aim of this research area is to facilitate advanced research in all aspects of sustainable built environment through:

  • designing efficient buildings and infrastructures
  • planning smart and safe cities
  • creating more liveable places
  • adopting smart technologies
  • managing construction projects
  • life performance of construction materials and components.

The area draws on our research programs to engage in high-quality research and scholarship, forging collaborations among disciplines with similar interests and among industry, alumni, and international partners.

Research themes

Urban planning & design

This multi-disciplinary research area covers planning, transport, environment and health sectors and aims to address the challenges posed by urbanisation, climate change. We place the health and wellbeing of urban dwellers at the centre of our urban-development vision.

Research areas include:

  • transport infrastructure planning and appraisal
  • healthy communities and infrastructure
  • urban climatology and thermal balance
  • pedestrian thermal comfort
  • climate/water sensitive and zero carbon cities
  • environmental urban planning and public health
  • use of renewable energy systems
  • green building design
  • protection from bushfires.


This area of research aims to generate creative solutions to a range of complex construction issues, such as use of waste materials in construction materials, construction defects, and risk and safety related issues through the use of smart technologies, immersive 3D environments and green, sustainable infrastructure.

Research areas include:

  • sustainable materials/use of waste in construction materials
  • green and sustainable infrastructure
  • sustainable water and wastewater treatment including resource recovery
  • construction defects/smart technology
  • risk, health, and safety/immersive 3D walkthrough
  • fire safety and fire protecting materials
  • value for money and infrastructure procurement.

Smart buildings & infrastructure

This area of research aims to identify new practices in optimising the energy consumption, and communications (e.g. data) in buildings, improving the indoor thermal comfort of occupants, and optimising the performance of HVAC systems through the use of smart technologies, including, but not limited to, customised optimisation algorithms and AI.

Researches in this area include:

  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • building energy optimisation
  • HVAC optimisation
  • occupant thermal comfort
  • condensation, mould and health
  • data communication, health management and cybersecurity
  • smart management and organisational psychology
  • innovative supply chains.