We are excited to announce our Summer Holiday Programs onsite in January 2021, weekdays 9am to 3.30pm (aftercare available until 5.30pm).

  • Week 1: Monday 11 January – Friday 15 January 
  • Week 2: Monday 18 January – Friday 22 January


We are running a multi-sport program, as follows.

Monday & Friday: Games & activities
The Games & Activities day will keep participants on their feet all day. Expect to participate in team-based problem-solving games such as Capture the Flag, Scavenger hunts, Tower Building, Walk the Plank or traditional games such as Block Soccer, Poison Ball, Keepings off and Tag.

Tuesday: Court sports
Join us for a fun-filled day participating in court-based sports. Examples include: basketball, netball, futsal and dodgeball.
Practise the fundamentals of these sports, and play small-sided games and round robins, while learning or refining skills along the way.

Wednesday: Olympic sports
Our Olympic Sports Day will introduce participants to traditional Olympic Sports such as track and field events, aquatics, components of gymnastics, variations of softball/baseball and more! Our Olympics Day will be fun-filled, challenging and filled with plenty of cheering along the way.

Thursday: Field sports
Our Field Sports will be jam packed with fun, refining and learning new skills in AFL, touch rugby and soccer. Enjoy small-sided games and round robins, as well as drills and skills-based sessions throughout the day.

Read more about multisport costs, and what to bring.


Using a computer (rather than your smartphone):

  1. register an account
  2. select the classes tab
  3. browse classes > show all
  4. filter ‘holiday programs’
  5. select options from week 1, week 2 and optional aftercare

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