Supply chain & logistics research

The supply chain and logistics research group is cross-disciplinary. Our focus is on the innovative management of technology-enabled sustainable performance and productivity of various SMEs and large organisations in these areas:

  • retail
  • pharmaceuticals
  • food and beverages
  • transports
  • Agri-food sectors.

Our commitment is to support and help connect students to the real-world applications of new knowledge and innovation in areas of transport, infrastructure, logistics and supply chain management in the era of Industry 4.0.

Research aims

Being open, excellent and the University of opportunities, we at Victoria University focus on providing industry-based supply chain and logistics research to sustain economic competitiveness while caring for environmental stewardship and social wellbeing.

We are committed to make difference locally, nationally and globally by cultivating the state-of-the art research underpinned by team work and cross-disciplinary collaboration of leading researchers.

This offers everyone equal opportunity to impact the wellbeing of people and communities that we serve while prioritising our contribution to our protecting Country commitment.

Research programs

Our research program includes research in the following areas:

  • Operations, supply chain and logistics management, including supply chain strategy, value chain analysis, green procurement, waste management, humanitarian logistics, disaster management and supply chain risk management before, during and after COVID-19 pandemic
  • Emerging technology applications, including IoT, Blockchain, Cloud, AI/ML and Big Data analytics for information capture and processing to support business intelligence
  • Quantitative and qualitative methodological approach, including survey, interviews, mixed methods that use SPSS, AMOS, PLS and NVivo data analysis software
  • Analytical approach, including mathematical modelling using optimisation and optimal control of operations.

Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates expertise from the following institute and colleges:

Research partnerships

Research on supply chain, logistics and transport is undertaken in association with government, industry, industry associations and overseas universities. Our research partners include:

  • Victorian Transport Association
  • Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics Australia
  • Universities from Asia-Pacific region

If you would like to collaborate on research and research grants, and work with us to deliver real benefits to your organisation, industry and the broader community, please contact us at [email protected] .

Graduate research opportunities

We welcome applications from prospective research students wanting to undertake a PhD, Professional Doctorate (DBA), PhD (Integrated) or Masters by Research in the area of supply chain, logistics and transport.

For further information about becoming a graduate researcher or guidance about possible project areas and supervisors, please contact us at [email protected] .

Scholarships may be available for research in this area. For further information on current research scholarships for local and international students, visit:

Research staff


Research interests

Associate Professor Himanshu Shee


Supply chain and logistics management

Operations management

Firm competitiveness

Dr Catherine Lou


Operations management

Supply chain management

Value chain analysis

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Associate Professor Himanshu Shee
Program Director (Supply Chain and Logistics Management)
Phone: +61 3 9919 4077
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