Innovation, digitalisation & strategic management research

The 'innovation, digitalisation and strategic management' research group conducts research to meet the ever-changing demands of organisations due to disruptions from technology, society and culture.

Responding to these challenges, members of this group actively research to identify real-world solutions using these disciplines:

  • management
  • information systems.

Research areas

The innovation, digitalisation and strategic management research group undertakes research in the following areas:

  • change management
  • knowledge management
  • entrepreneurship
  • innovation
  • human resources
  • information systems
  • digitalisation.

Research staff

Read about our researcher and their business interests, and find out more in their biographies, via the links.


Research interests

Associate Professor Shahnaz Naughton

  • Organisation change management
  • Strategic management
  • Executive leadership development

Dr Selvi Kannan


  • Knowledge management – human & machines
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Change & leadership in AI

Dr Scott Bingley


  • Information Systems Adoption
  • Small business
  • Business analytics

Dr Maria Prokofieva


  • Data analytics for business applications
  • Social media analytics
  • Machine learning and AI

Dr Ancy Gamage


  • Strategic human resource management
  • Diversity management
  • Innovative pedagogies

Dr Jayce Naidoo


  • Corporate governance and performance
  • Environmental social and governance disclosure
  • Auditing and assurance
  • Accounting Education
  • Enterprise resource planning

Maria De Sensi


  • Small Business
  • Innovative pedagogies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Enterprise