Advanced food systems research

Our research aims to resolve the challenges of sustainability, and healthy feeding practice of the growing future population in industrialised and developing nations through scientific and technological advancements.

Areas of research

The Research Unit has developed an extensive range of research collaborations both within Victoria University and with external organisations, including the broader academic and industrial research groups, as well as corporations internationally and within Australia. Our research is aligned with three Australian national priorities:

  • environmentally sustainable Australia
  • promoting and maintaining good health
  • frontier technologies for building and transforming Australia.

Our researchers are involved in a number of themed projects.

  • Analytical systems
    Methods development and analysis of food components
  • Macromolecular systems
    Fundamental research on understanding physical and chemical interactions governing the properties of complex food macromolecules during various units of operation
  • Bioprocessing systems
    Fundamental and applied food biotechnology
  • Sustainable food systems
    Advanced approaches in the food industry to ensure innovative and sustainable utilisation of our natural resources
Thomas Yeager, VU reseacher, and student

Research expertise

The research program has expertise in several related areas.

Research facilities & equipment

The Unit's research activities are supported by a number of laboratories across the University.

Research projects

  • Understanding the effects of cow genotype on the composition and quality of milk and dairy products, in collaboration with Teagasc, Ireland
  • The impact of protein-mineral interactions on milk protein stability, in collaboration with FrieslandCampina, the Netherlands
  • Diversifying use of plant proteins by functionality prediction and functionalization, in collaboration with Ward-McKenzie
  • Shelf-life extension of biscuits for lactating women, in collaboration with Boobie Brands
  • Impact of Smart Vacuum-Sealing Lid on the shelf life extension of infant formula, in collaboration with Real Technology Australia
  • Controlled digestion and absorption of whey proteins for improved muscular health, in collaboration with Ocean Dairy/Yili, New Zealand/China
  • Protein Characterisation to Address Seafood Substitution in the Australian Marketplace with the National Measurement Institute

Staff & students

Contact us

Professor Todor Vasiljevic
Unit Leader, Advanced Food Systems Research Unit
Phone: +61 3 9919 8062
Email: [email protected]

Dr Thomas Yeager
Deputy Unit Leader, Advanced Food Systems Research Unit
Phone: +61 3 9919 8103
Email: [email protected]